Pledge Hedged
Pledge Hedged
A summary of what's in the major U.S. newspapers.
April 24 2004 6:53 AM

Pledge Hedged

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The Post and LAT front the Vatican's unveiling of a long-awaited set of rules governing the celebration of Mass. In an effort to stop abuses of church practices, a senior Vatican official said that politicians who support abortion should be barred from receiving Holy Communion. John Kerry is in favor of abortion rights, and he has not been denied communion in his hometown.

The Washington Post runs a correction about the photos of American flag-draped caskets the paper published Friday. The photos were identified as coffins of Americans who had died in Iraq and were being returned to the U.S. One photo in yesterday's Post was actually of a casket of an astronaut from the space shuttle Columbia. The photos were originally posted on a Web site called the Memory Hole, which had obtained the photos through a Freedom of Information Act request to the Air Force. NASA subsequently made a statement that many of the photos pictured astronauts' coffins rather than those of American soldiers from Iraq.

Emily Biuso is a writer in New York.

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