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May 14 2008 6:14 PM

Webb of Intrigue

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Boker tov, Boulder! asks, "What kind of government neglects its foremost obligation to protect the people? It is despicable. A rocket 'lands' next to a school bus? A man is killed for being a Jew standing in his garden? A boy's leg is 'lost'? Gunmen walk into a Jerusalem yeshiva and mow down our boys when they have hardly begun their lives?"

And Kishkushim notes, "It may be important at the political level to distinguish among the various factions carrying out the rocket attacks and to evaluate particular motives. For the military, however, these kinds of considerations are irrelevant. What matters is that Palestinian terrorist groups have acquired and preserved the means to strike major Israeli population centers, despite a much-maligned 'siege' of Gaza and numerous air force as well as ground operations."


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Michael Weiss is the director of communications at the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think tank that promotes democratic geopolitics. He is also the spokesman for Just Journalism, which examines how Israel and the Middle East are portrayed in the U.K. media.