Bloggers on the New York Times' article about Obama and Florida Jews.

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May 22 2008 6:17 PM


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Canadian blogger Hot Lunch is pleased: "David Archuleta just seemed too young and too nervous all the time. David Cook had that star quality and I hope this brings him great things. It is David Cook's fault that I watched this season. He hooked me in with his rendition of Chris Cornell's version of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean." Lecter at A Life More Than Ordinary concurs:"David Archuleta did perform his songs better on the overall but the kid lacks charisma. He didn't follow Andrew Lloyd Webber's advice not to close his eyes all the time! I like good voices but they've got to come with a personality don't you think? Well, start listening to David Cook and you'll know what I mean."

Some see campaign parallels. Red Hog Diary writes: "I can only hope that the Democratic nomination of the presumptive favorite does not go the way of American Idol's presumptive winner did on last nights show.  We were glued to the TV." At Slate's XX Factor, Hanna Rosin says David Cook is to Barack Obama as David Archuleta is to John McCain. 


Defamer piles on the snark: "[T]here were more than a few unmistakable moments of true poignancy: from George Michael's haunting 'Praying For Time,' to David Cook's landslide victory lap, to the Jonas Brothers' heartfelt plea on behalf of the Aging Sibling Pop Star Fund, with every dollar pledged earmarked for famine-relief among surviving members of The Jets, DeBarge, Hanson, and the like."

Idol fan Ann Althouse concludes: "I love the way people responded to the guy who didn't seem to care if he won, who wasn't needy about this. The vote was 56% to 44% — that's a huge margin. That means something. Cook is — despite the immense taint of 'AI' — pretty damned cool."

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