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March 17 2008 4:48 PM

Lhasa Trouble

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"Yes, wearing jeans that hang down to your ass crack looks not only completely IDIOTIC, it is juvenile," says Jingo at HarshOpinion. "And if you think about it in a gangsta* mentality it still doesn't make sense because you cannot run from the cops properly if your pantscrotch is at your knees. That being said, our government does NOT need to be in the business of telling idiots how to dress in school."

At Of Ignorance,"L" challenges the justification offered by the Florida bill's sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Gary Siplin: "If Siplin can prove that something as simple as pulling one's pants up could result in a degree and employment, then by golly, give this man a medal! Amend his law into the Constitution! Grant him his own honorary day! But until he can do so, I suggest he loosens his own belt a bit, and loosens up."

"Let's paraphrase 'Rizzo' in Grease," suggestsReasonable Citizen: "Keep your filthy laws off my silky drawers." But commenting at Look Back in Anger, martink strikes a thoughtful tone:  "First they came for the wearers of droopy pants, and I didn't speak up because I don't wear droopy pants ..."

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