Bloggers on Oprah Winfrey campaigning for Barack Obama.

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Dec. 10 2007 6:16 PM


Bloggers bask in the afterglow from Obama and Oprah's record campaign stops and celebrate the news that Scooter's Libby is rescinding his appeal. They're also pleased that Michael Vick has been sentenced to 23 months in prison.

Oprahpalooza! Oprah Winfrey urged a record South Carolina crowd to get behind Barack Obama during the upcoming primary season Sunday. Winfrey, who has never endorsed a candidate, said she's entered the fray because of Obama's "message of change and unity." Bloggers had a hard time finding something negative to say about the event, but some managed.


Rikyrah at Jack and Jill Politics, a pro-Obama blogger who attended the event, was impressed by Oprah's Obama love: "I have never seen this side of Oprah. She could have been a 'neutral' endorser, but she wasn't. She put her foot all up in the criticism of Obama–experience, needing to 'wait his turn,' and more–and made all those excuses null and void." Comments From Left Field's Kyle E. Moore thinks Oprah's support could make the difference for Obama's campaign: "Oprah played her role perfectly, most notably marking the difference between her book club. With books, Oprah's seal of approval is essentially an anointment process on the way to the bestseller's lists, but here Oprah ceded that her goal isn't to get people to blindly do as she does, but instead to think."

XXL Magazine rapper/blogger Bryan Crawford caught a whiff of opportunism from the queen of daytime television: "[M]ake no mistake, this is as much about Oprah herself as it is Obama. If she can actually put someone in the White House, imagine what it will do for her own profile."

Shakeville's Melissa McEwan was mystified by Oprah's claims about her past voting habits: "Oprah claimed she's voted for just as many Republicans as Democrats over the years. Really? I find that incredibly hard to believe. I don't know if her main residence, and hence voting district, is Chicago or NW Indiana (where she's got that farm), but, either way, there haven't been any Republicans worth voting for in either district since the Pleistocene era."

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Libby Lets It Be: Scooter Libby announced Monday that he would not be appealing his perjury and obstruction convictions in the CIA leak case. Bloggers were both frustrated and fascinated by the news.

Ed Morrissey at Captain's Quarters wonders what this could mean for Libby's reputation: "Will that change of heart produce a similar shift in opinion about Libby and his conviction for obstruction and perjury? Will people see this as a tacit admission of guilt? If Libby chooses not to pursue vindication, it certainly appears that it holds little value to him -- certainly not the attitude of a wrongly-convicted public servant, especially given the extremely short period of time it took to reach that decision."

The Anonymous Liberal is frustrated by the announcement because Bush commuted Libby's sentence to give him space to file an appeal: "I guess those talking points are inoperative now. Regardless of how his lawyers try to spin this, the reality is that Libby dropped his appeal because he had almost no chance of winning it."

Libby Spencer over at The Impolitic thinks a pardon will make an appearance in the Libby story before Bush leaves office: "[M]aybe his lawyers figured out he has a dog of an appeal going and chances are good that he would end up in jail if he pursued it to its ultimate conclusion. Besides, is there anyone who doesn't think his pal George will give him a full pardon on the way out the door?" Over at Firedoglake, Jane Hamsher agrees. "Is he trying to send a signal to the White House that a full pardon would be a lovely holiday gift?"