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Nov. 1 2007 6:06 PM

Man, I Feel Like a Woman

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In the dog house: The National Enquirer posted audio of TV bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman in a racist rant Wednesday, prompting A&E to suspend production of his show.  Dog used the N-word repeatedly while encouraging his son to break up with a black girlfriend.  The Dog has since apologized publicly and reached out to black leaders.


Some bloggers are stunned, like The Evil Beet: "Honestly, I think he probably is a good guy, and probably not racist, but Jesus Christ why on earth would anyone ever use that word to describe another human being these days? It just doesn't make sense."  Other are having a hard time pointing a finger at the reality TV star. 

But by far the most common reaction is feigned surprise. The Superficial leads the way: "I never thought a guy who dresses like a blonde Native American mixed with a lesbian biker could be a closet racist. But they got him on tape. It's a shame really. Dog could've taught us so much."  And Stuart Heritage at Heckler Spray adopts a similar tone: "Who'd have thought that a man named after an animal, who makes his living by chasing wanted criminals and then attacking them with bear mace, who dresses like he's going to a monster truck convention on the moon 20 years ago, and who constantly refers to people as 'bra' could even be slightly racist?"

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