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Oct. 22 2007 6:25 PM

Colbert '08

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The rumors are true: At a reading at Carnegie Hall, J.K. Rowling answered a lingering question from the Harry Potter series: Did Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore ever find true love? "I always thought of Dumbledore as gay," Rowling responded.


At BreakOUT News, a blog associated with the Bravo network, Dennis Hensley wasn't surprised after reading the last book: "There he was, studying alongside some handsome dude who later turned out to be the most evil guy in the world. They spoke pretty, well, fondly of each other. And you know, we kinda suspected, but thought we were reading too much into it. … We found ourselves wondering, 'is this gay?' Turns out –uh, yeah. … Maybe one day – it will even be mentioned IN the books."

Seth at L.A.-based Defamer admits he'd placed his bets elsewhere: "Funny--we had always pegged perennial bachelor-bear Hagrid, forever doting over his pedigreed lapdragons, to be the secret Nimbus 2000-polisher of the Potter universe."

"[I]t's so rare to witness a completely honest exchange in a setting as public and orchestrated as a Carnegie Hall event," writes Judy, who attended the reading, at Parents magazine's Goodyblog. "It was clear that JKR didn't plan to out Dumbledore. She just cares about being true to her readers."

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