Bloggers weigh in on Gov. Mark Warner's Senate run.

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Sept. 13 2007 6:47 PM

Another Day, Another Warner

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The Liberal Democratic Party has said it will name Abe's successor Sept. 23, but the party is beleaguered, and the job probably won't be much fun. Chicagoan Tobias Harris charts the future at Observing Japan: "The LDP is in trouble, but Mr. Abe's unexpectedly hasty exit gives the party a chance to select someone who can communicate with the public, earn the trust of the Japanese people, and move an agenda forward in cooperation with the DPJ. Indeed, the DPJ might be the biggest loser from Mr. Abe's early departure, provided that the LDP's next president is an improvement on the hapless Mr. Abe."

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The Oscars Show With Jon Stewart: Jon Stewart will host the Oscars in 2008. (He first hosted in 2006.) Bloggers say they love the guy, but many could think of someone better for the job.

Celebrity snarkist Defamer will give him a shot: "[H]e was profoundly unlucky in drawing the coveted assignment in a year irretrievably tainted by a Crash Best Picture win."

At TV Squad, Joel Keller wonders why Stewart even took the job, and also wonder "why critics think that any Oscar host, whether he or she is edgy or not, should be held up to the same standards that they're held up to when they perform in their respective acts or shows. … It's a no-win for most comedians. ..."

John Campea at The Movie Blog is elated that Ellen Degeneres isn't hosting again.  Nonetheless, he thinks the academy could do better than Stewart: "[H]e's still just a TV personality. … [T]he biggest night on the movie industry's calendar, where they celebrate movies and the movie world... SHOULD BE HOSTED BY A MOVIE PERSONALITY. Call me crazy. Bring in George Clooney to host it... or bring Steve Martin back … Heck... get Kevin Smith to host the damn thing if you want to shake things up. I was just hoping for something a little different."

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