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July 26 2007 4:51 PM

Forget Paris

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At Rational Security, "choff" applauds this novel approach to rehabilitation. "It allows for both freedom of expression and entertainment whilst repaying the monarchy in a tribute to the King Of Pop."  Nate, commenting on the post, takes a global economic view and wonders, "Does this mean we can start outsourcing our music video production to Phillipine prisoners?"

Perhaps American penal institutions will take a cue from their Filipino counterparts and institute mass dance sessions. JJ Daddy-O, commenting at, hopes so: "I'm thinking mandatory ballroom dancing lessons for the Aryan Nation and the Crips might go a long way in helping them resolve their differences."


Tayster's World has a suggestion that clearly qualifies as cruel and unusual: "[I]f I ran a prison, I'd make them choreograph the entire Britney Spears video collection."

Read more about the prison-dance video. See the original Michael Jackson "Thriller" video here.

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