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June 1 2007 4:30 PM

Evolving Beliefs

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Conservative Alan Burkhart at Burkhart's Blog sees Kevorkian as "a dangerously eccentric old man with a penchant for playing doctor," but nonetheless concludes: "From a purely humanist standpoint, one might conclude that each person owns his or her life. We create living wills so that a family member has the power to 'pull the plug' if we become permanently incapacitated. How is it then, that a doctor can be authorized to disable a life support device when I'm a vegetable, but cannot enable a device to stop my heart under other circumstances? In both cases, it is a matter of a physician flipping a switch or prescribing a drug to end a life."

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Bartlett says goodbye: Dan Bartlett, a senior aide in the Bush White House, announced that he'll resign in July after six years of executive service. Depending on whom you ask, he's either another rat abandoning a sinking ship or someone stainless who deserves to call it quits.

Lefty Steven Taylor at Outside the Beltway says: "[C]ouldn't these guys (politicians, coaches, whomever) come up with a better explanation than the ol' 'time with family' bit? One guesses he isn't going to become Mr. Mom."

At Political Punch, ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper reminisces: "I first got to know Bartlett in 1999 when he was director of Rapid Response for the Bush for President campaign—'rapid response' being the term of art for having responses to any serious questions about the then-governor's draft record, DUI, etc etc. If you had a question about anything uncomfortable or untoward, you were referred to Dan."

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