Bloggers on the cancellation of O.J.'s confessional.

Bloggers on the cancellation of O.J.'s confessional.

Bloggers on the cancellation of O.J.'s confessional.

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Nov. 21 2006 5:28 PM

O.J. Killed

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Ed Morrissey at the conservative Captain's Quarters compares Gemayel's death with the assassination last year of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, which prompted Syria's ejection from Lebanon: Hezbollah "may have won some respect for their survival against Israel, but they have thrown it away in this ill-timed and ill-considered assassination. Expect severe consequences for this murder … "

Elrod at The Moderate Voice sees a bad precedent in the 1975 attempt on Gemayel's father's life, which sparked a 15-year civil war: "Will the Lebanese revert to civil war again, only this time with new alliances and new external forces? Or will the Lebanese reject violence, as they did after Hariri's assassination, and redouble efforts to create a peaceful multi-sectarian democracy?"


Read more about Gemayel's assassination.

Black comedy: After Seinfeld vet and comedian Michael Richards unleashed a barrage of racial epithets during a Friday performance, he appeared on Late Show With David Letterman to apologize for saying "nasty things."

L.A.-based Tabloid Whore feels no sympathy for Richards: "I don't care what he says, how angry he claims to have been ... when you allow words and thoughts like that to go through your brain, let alone come out your mouth over and over and over again as Richards did that night, you are an idiot racist."

At Huffington Post, Eric Diggins criticizes what he calls Jerry Seinfeld's "calculation": "I would imagine his worst fear was Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton shouting 'boycott Seinfeld!' four days before the biggest shopping day of the year. And let's not forget Letterman got a huge scoop for his show during an important ratings period."

Read more about Michael Richards. See a video of his apology here.

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