Bloggers on Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.
Bloggers on Donald Rumsfeld's resignation.
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Nov. 9 2006 4:17 PM

Goodbye, Donnie

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Lefty Mideast specialist Blake Hounshell at American Footprints thinks that with Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., at the helm of the Senate foreign relations committee, it's time to evaluate Biden's plan, formulated with foreign-policy commentator Leslie Gelb, to partition Iraq. "It seems likely to me," writes Hounshell, "… that at least some elements of the proposal will become policy." Harvard economist and former Bush adviser Greg Mankiw predicts on Mankiw's Blog that Democrats will try to drive down the price of prescription drugs and consequently the amount of research and development conducted by pharmaceutical companies. "Good news if you plan to be sick soon," says Mankiw. "Bad news if you plan to be sick in the more distant future."

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin foresees a more sensational two years, saying, "the groundwork is being laid" for impeachment proceedings.


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