Bloggers on a maligned Joseph Lieberman.

Bloggers on a maligned Joseph Lieberman.

Bloggers on a maligned Joseph Lieberman.

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Aug. 3 2006 5:36 PM

Meet Joe Blackface

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Libertarian Adam Roberts at The Metropolis Times suggests that the United States get out of Dodge. "The New Iraqi Army has only 116,500 personnel compared to the US's 133,000 currently in Iraq. We're probably under a moral obligation to train and equip more Iraqi government forces, but we shouldn't spend our military lives and dollars fighting someone else's religious civil war," he writes. And Gordon at the lefty military blog Alternate Brain agrees with Hillary about Rummy: "He needs to be removed from office NOW and held accountable for his egregious mishandling and subsequent destruction of the military, his roles in the bungled occupation of Iraq as well as in the decision to criminally invade and occupy Iraq in the first place."

Here's more on Rumsfeld.


Another Harris controversy: Members of Florida Rep. Katherine Harris' Senate campaign staff are jumping ship because she did not tell them that she'd been served with a federal grand jury subpoena. Harris isn't talking about the subpoena, but her former chief of staff and other defectors are.

Harris-obsessed political blog Wonkette chastises the congresswoman for overshadowing her last controversy before the site could squeeze it dry. "We're upset with her because the day after we exclusively broke news that she's flagrantly violating election law out in Florida, she has to go and hide a grand jury subpoena from her entire staff, thus upstaging our only allotted attempt at reporting this month."

"In the karma is a bitch department, the Katharine Harris campaign for Senate in Florida ... continues to go down in flames. And in the latest news, she has clearly gone insane, as more and more of her staffers quit in disgust," notes Scootmaroo at Cabana Boy Scoot. Of four campaign workers who quit recently, one reportedly left for National Guard duty in Iraq. Indy Voter at CHT's Senate Page is suspicious. "I'm sure Baghdad is a much more unpleasant place to be right now than the Harris campaign, but I can't help but wonder if the guy volunteered for the Guard just so he could get away from this wretched campaign."

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