Bloggers on Ray Nagin's re-election.

Bloggers on Ray Nagin's re-election.

Bloggers on Ray Nagin's re-election.

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May 22 2006 6:33 PM

Hurricane Ray

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For countries like Canada that periodically face secession referenda, the Montenegrin vote is a worthwhile electoral study, suggests the Canadian lawyer at Pith and Substance. He makes note of the fact that the vote required 55 percent support for European Union recognition—and that this total, based on early returns, was barely achieved (55.4 percent). "The super-majority makes sense in the abstract, since it ought to be difficult to undo a constitutional relationship," he writes. "On the other hand, there is no doubt that there would be trouble if the final result turns out to be somewhere between 50% and 55%."

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Barbaro's battle: Barbaro, the Kentucky Derby-winning colt who broke down grotesquely in the Preakness on Saturday, still faces a 50-50 chance of survival, the horse's surgeon said Monday. Barbaro was said to be "bright and appropriately frisky" after undergoing a lengthy operation on his broken right hind leg, but he'll never race again.

"I don't care that he'll never race again," writesSacred in December's Missy, a horse-riding enthusiast in Oregon. "I don't even care if he can't stand at stud. I just want him to live. You can't help but be touched when a horse like this comes onto the scene. You can't watch his Derby win and not be moved by his power and effortless stride."

At What Was I Thinking? the mechanical engineer and Alabama blogger ponders why he's more moved by the plight of Barbaro than that of Natalee Holloway. Gina Spadafori, a pet-care author, rounds up her favorite media coverage and, after a post worrying that Barbaro would not make it through Saturday night, asks, "Who would have thought ... that Barbaro would still be alive? I'll guarantee you no jockey, trainer, track veterinarian or horse breeder did."

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Darren Everson is a sportswriter in New York City.