Bloggers weigh in on France, Iran, and more.

Bloggers weigh in on France, Iran, and more.

Bloggers weigh in on France, Iran, and more.

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April 10 2006 6:33 PM

French Surrender

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Armed Liberal at Winds of Change reaches the same conclusion: "All those midlevel officers in the Pentagon have to do something every day," he writes, "and having detailed contingency plans for just about everything is probably a pretty good thing for them to be doing."

Read more about the Hersh article. The Moderate Voice Think Progress, and Right Wing Nuthouse all have extensive roundups of analysis and blogger opinion. In Slate, Fred Kaplan weighs the possibilities.


Page Six in a fix: After reporting Friday that a New York Post Page Six staffer solicited $220,000 from a high-profile billionaire—for a year's worth of gossip page "protection"—the Daily News reported Monday that another Page Six columnist is routinely showered with gifts. Also Monday, ABC News reported that the FBI lacked clear-cut evidence against the alleged solicitor, Jared Paul Stern, or else it would've arrested him. (Disclosure: the author is a sportswriter for the Daily News.)

The scandal has gotten major play in almost every signficant news outlet, writes Eric Boehlert of the Huffington Post, with one predictable exception. "Proving once again that the 'News'" in Fox News is not meant to be taken literally, the Rupert Murdoch-owned news channel has all but ignored the stunning story.

Another New York gossip outlet, Gawker, suggests that Stern's target for solicitation, Ron Burkle, doesn't come out looking that good. "The fact that he was even meeting with Stern to discuss controlling negative coverage suggests that Burkle, who's going through a nasty divorce, has something to hide." And what might Burkle be hiding? Gawker makes its guess here.

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Darren Everson is a sportswriter for the New York Daily News.