Releasing the transcripts of Sept. 11 911 calls.

Releasing the transcripts of Sept. 11 911 calls.

Releasing the transcripts of Sept. 11 911 calls.

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March 31 2006 5:41 PM

Calling 911 on 9/11

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Robert Bidinotto edits the objectivist New Individualist, which has received a lot of online pro-Denmark attention for slapping the bomb-turbaned Mohammed image on the cover of its winter issue. And at Bidinotto Blog, he comments on the deshelving of a fellow publication: "So here's the new incentive structure in America, folks: You have freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution...until and unless somebody threatens you for using it. At that point, college campuses, bookstores, newspaper publishers, editors, radio and TV networks will all gang together...NOT against the thugs, but against YOU for 'inciting' them!"

However, Ron Coleman at Dean's World isn't sure about the necessity of a suggested "boycott" on either store, and he can certainly appreciate the point of entrepreneurial protection. Not only that but, "Indeed as a strictly orthodox Jew I have more in common with moderate Muslims than with atheistic, cynical Western Europeans on more than one topic. Violence isn't one of them, no; but my worldview and that of my religious tradition is that you don't stick your finger in the other guy's eye every time you think you can get away with it or have 'right' to do it."


Read more about not-so-free inquiry at your local bookstores.

Michael Weiss is the director of communications at the Henry Jackson Society, a London-based think tank that promotes democratic geopolitics. He is also the spokesman for Just Journalism, which examines how Israel and the Middle East are portrayed in the U.K. media.