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Aug. 4 2005 7:04 PM

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How intelligent? Bloggers are unimpressed by President Bush's remarks that he believes Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution in schools.

"Bush's shocking new statements on wanting to teach Intelligent Design/Creationism are nothing new," shrugs Atrios at famed liberal blog Eschaton. "… Kudos to our wonderful media for treating this as a he said/she said issue, where one side is the entire legitimate scientific community and the other side consists of a bunch of good Christian liars trying to dress their religion up as science. They tried once before with 'Creation Science' and now they're trying again with 'Intelligent Design.'"


Kevin Boyd at Louisiana Libertarian wants no part of it. "The only way to stop moonbats like George W. Bush from promoting this nonsense in government schools is to get government out of education," fumes the self-desribed neolibertarian Republican. "If you want your child to be taught creationism … send them to a school that teaches it. Don't force the government to teach my children that nonsense in a science class."

But conservative blogger and author Hugh Hewitt thinks Bush's remarks were in line with those of most Americans. "The non-believing slice of America --way, way overrepresented in the nation's newsrooms-- seems to think that any mention of ID equates to snake handling," he bristles. "Fine. The 'values voters' hear 'intelligent design' and think –'of course God is behind creation.'"

Read more about Bush's comments on Intelligent Design here.

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