Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo

Hurricane Hugo

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Aug. 23 2005 6:14 PM

Hurricane Hugo

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That's what left-leaning Andy at World Wide Rant wants to know. Criticizing the anti-gay-marriage movement, he writes, "That's right, in order to keep up their bigoted campaign against gay marriage, they will sacrifice the well-being of children and refuse to hold people accountable for their actions and choice."

"Honestly, I am offended that the gay parents who resist paying support try arguing that since they weren't legally married, they weren't legally parents and thus aren't legally liable for supporting children they agreed to!" says conservative Jonathan Leffingwell at Crush Liberalism. "I mean, you can't say 'We just want to be the same as everyone else' and then say 'Uh...except here!' "


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France goes after Lance: A French newspaper reports that tests performed in 2004 showed that seven-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong had traces of erythropoietin, or EPO, in urine samples collected in 1999. The sport did not test for EPO until 2001. Armstrong has called the story a "witch hunt."

"He could be as pure as the driven snow. He could be the Tiger Woods of cycling. I hope he is. It's nice when someone revives your faith in humanity by doing the right thing," says Steve H., a Floridian blogging at Hog on Ice. "But if you put a gun to my head and ask me to guess, I'll say I think he uses drugs."

So what, others say. "Thing is, this could be true," writes Austin, Texas, blogger La Vida Es Sueño. "The samples could be legit. But at this point it just doesn't matter because I don't believe a thing the French say about Lance Armstrong."

"After passing 178 drug tests despite the best efforts of various folks to prove he cheated, I think the guy is entitled to at least the benefit of the doubt," saysRun to Win, which blogs on sports "from a New England perspective."

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