Fair and Balanced and … Public?

Fair and Balanced and … Public?

Fair and Balanced and … Public?

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May 2 2005 6:02 PM

Fair and Balanced and … Public?

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Open mic night: Laura Bush's wisecracking at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday night brought down the house. She joked about going to a strip club and President Bush milking a male horse.


Satire  blog The Swift Report "reports" on the shock some religious conservatives must have felt. It concocts a letter from the "Coalition for Traditional Values" citing Biblical passages to claim that Laura Bush's jokes undermined the president, both as a husband and as leader of the free world. *

Descartes' Bar and Grill, conservative Christian Suzanne  enjoyed Laura Bush's routine  and is dismayed by a news story that quoted media members who were shocked: "I missed the memo that said James Dobson guided the First Family's decisions ... oh well, I guess I'd better get with the times." Meanwhile, law prof Ann Althouse surveyed the political implications: "Was Laura's routine a sign that we're entering a libertarian conservative phase? I hope so."

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Correction, May 3: The original version of this column identified The Swift Report as a conservative blog; it also credulously referred to a letter from the "Coalition for Traditional Values," which was part of The Swift Report's spoof. Slate regrets not getting the joke.(Return to the corrected item.)

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