Slate's rolling coverage of polling disasters.

Slate's rolling coverage of polling disasters.

Slate's rolling coverage of polling disasters.

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Nov. 8 2006 2:51 PM

Drunken Mob Attacks Election Headquarters

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Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2006

Drunken Mob Attacks Election Headquarters: Angry voters tried to storm the Cook County, Ill., election headquarters early Wednesday morning as a slow-going vote count extended well past midnight. According to the county clerk, drunken "hooligans" assaulted individuals carrying electronic voting data into the building, and police officers held off two dozen supporters of the Republican candidate for county board president in the lobby. One person was arrested for damaging an elevator.


Final results in the Montana Senate race were delayed in part because of an electronic voting snafu: Yellowstone County Election Administrator Duane Winslow forgot to zero out the voting machines used to tabulate absentee ballots before they were put to general use for Tuesday's election, meaning as many as 3,000 votes were double-counted. Can't get enough of e-voting screw-ups? Read another rundown of voting-machine troubles here.

In northern Idaho, a man is accused of pulling a knife on a co-worker during a political argument and threatening to stab him.

The Virginia Senate race looks too close to call. If the courts order a recount, it will drag on forever.

Major trouble at the polls we overlooked yesterday: Fifty-five Colorado voting sites were disrupted by a "rogue squirrel."

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Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2006

Gunslingers and Bounties: Reports of busted machines from everywhere make it less-than-news, although a bomb threat that closes a polling place will always make you go hmmmm.