He Was on the 81st Floor of 2 World Trade Center

Analysis of breaking news events.
Sept. 11 2001 1:36 PM

He Was on the 81st Floor of 2 World Trade Center

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They were herding everyone to the left, toward West Broadway. "Trust me! Let's go! People ,let's go, there's an unidentified package across the street!"


The view on West Broadway and Franklin was very good. One Tower, gray sky billowing, the sky darkening.

"I don't know what happened. I just hit the ground, don't know if something hit me or ..."

"It was the force of the building collapsing," said the lawyer.

"I got up and just started walking," said the ashen guy.

There was a huge rumbling sound accompanied by the sound of people shrieking. Everyone who wasn't already looking turned to see the remaining building start to crumble in on itself, a huge ball of smoke rising out from beneath it, a mushroom cloud in reverse. The whole street paused, froze, screamed, some people broke into tears, except for the ashen guy, who just kept walking. 

Tom Beller is a novelist and the editor of mrbellersneighborhood.com.