What Washington is talking about this week.
What Washington is talking about this week.
What Washington is talking about.
Feb. 17 2007 6:26 AM

Zeitgeist Checklist: Zeitgeist Hearts You

What Washington is talking about this week.

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The Ties That Don't Bind
Congress. The House approves a bipartisan rebuke to Bush's troop surge in Iraq, with Democrats backing a resolution that wouldn't cut off funds but would limit Bush's ability to spend them. In a rare act of deference, Bush concedes Congress has the power of the purse, as long as Nancy Pelosi doesn't hit him with it. In the Senate, Harry Reid derails everyone's weekend by scheduling a Saturday debate. Senators pray for snow.

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Maybe It's Time Bush Did That Soul-Peering Thing Again
Russia. President Vladimir Putin slams the United States at a Munich conference for what he calls its unilateral approach to foreign affairs. NATO expansion isn't cool, either: It makes bullying small Eastern European countries frustratingly hard. Top Bush administration officials met with Russian dissident and chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, who urged them not to listen to Putin or his top adviser, Deep Blue.

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Please Don't Let This Show Be Daily
Television. Fox News unveils clips of its upcoming 1/2 Hour News Hour, a comedy program pitched as The Daily Show for people who find The Daily Show too entertaining. One sketch imagines a United States with Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter as president and VP. We'd rather go a half hour with the explosively formed penetrator.

Christopher Beam is a writer living in Beijing.

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