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The Slatest

MP Grabs Royal Mace From Parliament Floor in Symbolic Defiance as the U.K. Goes Full British Meltdown

Dec. 10 2018 4:18 PMRussian Accused of Infiltrating NRA, GOP Will Apparently Plead Guilty (But We Don’t Know What It Means for Trump)
Dec. 10 2018 3:48 PMNYPD Investigating Video of Officers Trying to Tear 1-Year-Old From Mother’s Arms at New York Welfare Office
Dec. 10 2018 11:02 AMTheresa May Delays Brexit Vote as Negotiations Get Really, Really Messy
Dec. 9 2018 6:17 PMNick Ayers Refuses Trump’s Offer to Become Chief of Staff
Dec. 9 2018 1:04 PMTrump Blasts James Comey Over Testimony: “All Lies!”
Dec. 8 2018 3:29 PMTrump Gleefully Blames France Protests on Paris Climate Agreement
Dec. 8 2018 12:31 PMUber Makes Confidential Filing for IPO, Setting Up Race Against Lyft
Dec. 8 2018 9:42 AMGeorge Conway Ridicules Trump for Saying Court Filing “Totally Clears the President”
Dec. 7 2018 5:13 PMHere’s Who Spoke at Harvard’s Controversial Orientation for New Members of Congress
Dec. 7 2018 4:34 PMEven a Nonbinding Migration Pact Is Too Much for Trump and His Right-Wing European Buddies
Dec. 7 2018 2:02 PMRex Tillerson Says He Had to Say No to Demands From President That “Violate the Law”
Dec. 7 2018 11:47 AMArizona State Politician Re-elected Despite History of Racist Remarks Under Pressure to Resign After Newest Racist Remarks
Dec. 6 2018 10:51 PMThe NRA and Trump Campaign Appeared to Use the Exact Same Media Consultant to Coordinate Their 2016 Campaign Ads, Which Is Not Legal
Dec. 6 2018 6:08 PMFor Netanyahu and His American Friends, Criticizing Israel Is the Only Anti-Semitism That Matters
Dec. 6 2018 5:24 PMThe First Epic Online Meltdown of the 2020 Democratic Primary Has Begun, and It’s About Beto O’Rourke
Dec. 10 2018 4:17 PMThese U.S. Allies Are Among the Countries With the Highest Risk for Mass Killings
Dec. 10 2018 1:57 PMNot Being Able to Find a Chief of Staff Is Not Actually a Problem for Trump
Dec. 9 2018 7:43 PMTranscript Reveals Jamal Khashoggi’s Last Words: “I Can’t Breathe”
Dec. 9 2018 2:00 PM2018 Was a Record Year for School Gun Violence — and it Wasn’t Even Close
Dec. 9 2018 11:32 AMRep. Schiff: Trump May “Face the Real Prospect of Jail Time”
Dec. 8 2018 1:59 PMJohn Kelly Will Leave White House by End of the Year, Trump Says
Dec. 8 2018 11:05 AMTrump Tweets “NO COLLUSION” Morning After Filings Detail Russia Contacts
Dec. 7 2018 8:16 PMFederal Prosecutors Push for Harsh Sentence for Michael Cohen, Accuse Him of Holding Back Information
Dec. 7 2018 5:13 PMTrump VA Secretary Once Criticized Abolitionists in Pro-Confederate Speech
Dec. 7 2018 4:00 PMTrump: Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Is “Dumb as a Rock” and “Lazy as Hell”
Dec. 7 2018 11:47 AMTrump’s Attorney General Nominee Pushed for Iran-Contra Pardons. Will He Do the Same With Mueller’s Convictions?
Dec. 7 2018 11:45 AMTrump Picks State Department Spokesperson, Former Fox News Anchor, for U.N. Ambassador
Dec. 6 2018 7:05 PMDemocratic Candidate Withdraws Concession in North Carolina Congressional Race Roiled by Allegations of GOP Voter Fraud
Dec. 6 2018 5:41 PMLindsey Graham Comes Down Like a Ton of Bricks on Saudi Arabia With a Sternly Worded Resolution
Dec. 6 2018 5:16 PMReport: Undocumented Workers at Trump Golf Club Say Management Knew Their Immigration Status