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The NRA’s Business Affiliates Are Dropping Like Flies

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Feb. 23 2018 6:54 PMThe Truth About “Crisis Actors”No, they’re not deep-state plants hired to emote on TV. But they are real—and they’re useful.
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Feb. 22 2018 1:46 PMTrump Just Proposed Giving up to 150 Teachers Per School Financial Bonuses for Carrying Guns
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Feb. 21 2018 5:02 PMWe Knew Melania Trump Likely Worked in the U.S. Illegally. Now It Seems Her Parents Got Green Cards Via “Chain Migration.”
Feb. 24 2018 4:18 PMTrump Sends Out Three-Year-Old Tweet From Sandy Hook Truther About How It’s OK to Be a Black Republican
Feb. 24 2018 2:07 PMTop CPAC Figure in Trouble After Saying the GOP Is Cynical in How It Treats Black Republicans
Feb. 23 2018 7:04 PMA Brief Conversation With a White Nationalist at CPAC
Feb. 23 2018 6:38 PMAustralian Deputy Prime Minister Resigns Following Sex Scandal, Because Australia Is a Mess Too
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Feb. 23 2018 3:21 PMThe Florida Senate Race Is Already About GunsAnd Rick Scott hasn’t even declared yet.
Feb. 23 2018 11:50 AMRick Gates Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Lying to Investigators
Feb. 22 2018 11:17 PMThere Was a “Good Guy With a Gun” at the Parkland Shooting. He Did Nothing.
Feb. 22 2018 7:21 PMNew Charges Against Manafort and Gates Cast Uncertainty on Direction of Special Counsel Probe
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Feb. 21 2018 4:56 PM“America’s Pastor”For good and for ill, Billy Graham’s impact on the culture at large—not to mention evangelicalism in particular—is nearly incalculable.