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Nearly 11 Months After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Announces Full Power Has Been Restored At Last

Aug. 14 2018 4:45 PMSarah Sanders “Can’t Guarantee” That We’ll Never Hear a Recording of Trump Using the N-Word
Aug. 14 2018 1:55 PMLatest Omarosa Recording Proves Trump Campaign Duo Lied About “N-Word Tape” Conversation
Aug. 14 2018 11:29 AMAt Least 25 Dead After Major Bridge Collapses in Italy
Aug. 13 2018 11:02 PMInterior Secretary Zinke Says Climate Change Isn’t to Blame for Raging Forest Fires, but Environmentalists Are
Aug. 13 2018 8:00 PMWhat to Watch for in Tuesday’s Primaries
Aug. 13 2018 5:14 PMReview of Virginia Immigrant Detention Facility Finds Teens Were Restrained but Not Abused
Aug. 13 2018 3:01 PMFlorida Gunman Initially Protected Under “Stand Your Ground” Law Charged with Manslaughter
Aug. 13 2018 11:28 AMBaltimore Police Officer Seen Beating Man in Viral Video Resigns
Aug. 12 2018 7:52 PMThe Best Signs From the “Unite the Right 2” Counterprotest
Aug. 12 2018 4:49 PMCounterprotesters Far Outnumber White Supremacists in Tiny “Unite the Right 2” Rally
Aug. 12 2018 2:12 PMWatch Kellyanne Conway Struggle to Name a Single High-Level Black Official in White House
Aug. 12 2018 12:15 PMOmarosa Releases Recording of Chief of Staff Kelly Firing Her in Situation Room
Aug. 11 2018 3:42 PMRepublican Congressman Says Russia Helped Fan Flames of Racial Tension in Charlottesville
Aug. 11 2018 12:17 PMGOP Rep. Chris Collins, a Trump Ally, Won’t Seek Re-election Amid Insider Trading Charges
Aug. 10 2018 6:27 PMBasta! Michael Avenatti Appears to Enjoy Pretending to Run for President.
Aug. 14 2018 4:34 PMFederal Court Bars New Hampshire From Disenfranchising Voters Because of Their Handwriting
Aug. 14 2018 1:23 PMNorth Carolina Court Blocks Republican Effort to Rig State Supreme Court Race
Aug. 14 2018 9:10 AMLondon Police Arrest Man Who Hit Pedestrians With Car in Suspected Terror Attack Outside Parliament
Aug. 13 2018 8:59 PMWest Virginia House Votes to Impeach Three State Supreme Court Judges for Spending Millions on Office Renovations
Aug. 13 2018 6:23 PMManafort Prosecutors Rest, Defense Tries to Get Charges Thrown Out
Aug. 13 2018 3:50 PMUnpopular Donald Trump Blames Popular John Kasich for GOP’s Near-Loss in Ohio
Aug. 13 2018 12:13 PMFBI Agent Peter Strzok Fired as Lawyer Hints at Political Motivation for Termination
Aug. 13 2018 11:11 AMOmarosa Releases Recording of President Trump Showing Him Either Lying or Clueless About Her Firing
Aug. 12 2018 6:33 PMMinnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison Denies Domestic Abuse Allegations From Ex-Girlfriend
Aug. 12 2018 3:58 PMGrieving Mother Orca Finally Drops Dead Calf After Carrying Corpse for 17 Days
Aug. 12 2018 1:24 PMGiuliani Now Denies Trump Ever Discussed Michael Flynn With Comey
Aug. 11 2018 4:59 PMTrump Wanted to Be Sworn In With Art of the Deal and Other Explosive Claims From Omarosa’s Book
Aug. 11 2018 1:02 PMTrump Condemns “All Types of Racism” Ahead of Charlottesville Anniversary
Aug. 11 2018 10:42 AM“Suicidal” Airline Employee Steals Plane, Takes it for A Flight Before Crashing
Aug. 10 2018 5:36 PMHere Is the Most Remarkable Political Ad of 2018