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What Do Leaked Memos Really Tell Us?

The Trump administration’s proposals are cause for action, not despair.

Oct. 22 2018 4:48 PMTrump Is Promising A “Middle Class Tax Reduction” And Everyone Is Confused
Oct. 22 2018 1:24 PMThe People Behind Davos Would Like You to Stop Calling Your Conference Davos
Oct. 22 2018 10:56 AMTrump Ramps Up Hysteria Around Migrant Caravan, Warns of “Unknown Middle Easterners”
Oct. 21 2018 9:32 PMMigrant Caravan Grows as it Continues Push Toward the United States
Oct. 21 2018 4:54 PMRussia Threatens Retaliation After Trump Vows to Exit Landmark Nuclear Arms Treaty
Oct. 21 2018 12:42 PMTrump Administration Is Considering New Rules to Flat Out Deny Transgender Identity
Oct. 21 2018 8:44 AMDetroit Police Broaden Probe Into Funeral Homes After 63 More Fetuses Found
Oct. 20 2018 5:37 PMAngry Diner Confronts McConnell at Restaurant, Tosses His Doggy Bag on Street
Oct. 20 2018 2:57 PMTrump Tells Reporter “Don’t Be a Baby” When Asked About Claim Migrants Are “Hardened Criminals”
Oct. 20 2018 9:41 AMEveryone (Except Trump) Is Skeptical of Saudi Claim Khashoggi Died in Consulate Fight
Oct. 19 2018 3:42 PMPaul Manafort Appears in Court in a Wheelchair, Has Sentencing Set for February
Oct. 19 2018 3:13 PMThe Honduran Migrants Trump Is So Worried About Are at the Mexican Border
Oct. 19 2018 1:57 PMIvanka Trump Lived Up to the Family Name With This Shady Real Estate Enterprise, Investigation Finds
Oct. 19 2018 11:36 AMNew Republican Talking Point: Jamal Khashoggi Was No Angel
Oct. 19 2018 11:17 AMArkansas Radio Ad Targeted at Black Voters Suggests a Return to Lynchings if Democrats Win
Oct. 22 2018 2:16 PMTurkey Has Been Masterfully Driving the Khashoggi Crisis
Oct. 22 2018 11:08 AMAndrew Gillum and Ron DeSantis Met for the First Time Ever Last Night. They Didn’t Like Each Other.
Oct. 22 2018 9:38 AMNYPD Pulls Nearly 3,000 Body Cameras After One Bursts Into Flames
Oct. 21 2018 5:46 PMRyanair Criticized for Failing to Act During Racist Tirade That Was Caught on Video
Oct. 21 2018 4:45 PMI Believe Saudi ArabiaAbout everything it says.
Oct. 21 2018 9:45 AMTrump Questions Saudi Arabia’s Khashoggi Account, but Also Praises Crown Prince
Oct. 20 2018 9:30 PMSales of Lottery Tickets Soar as Mega Millions Jackpot Surges to Record $1.6 Billion
Oct. 20 2018 4:46 PMSaudi Arabia Reportedly Groomed Twitter Employee to Spy on Accounts of Dissidents
Oct. 20 2018 10:59 AMJamal Khashoggi’s Washington Post Editor on Saudi Statement: “Utter Bulls––t”
Oct. 19 2018 4:24 PMMany Top Donors to “Black Americans for the President’s Agenda” Are, in Fact, Wealthy White People
Oct. 19 2018 3:40 PMUSC Reaches Tentative $215 Million Settlement Over Doctor Accused of Sexually Assaulting and Harassing Hundreds of Patients
Oct. 19 2018 2:42 PMA Polling Site in Kansas Is Literally Getting Out of Dodge (Which Will Make It Harder for Hispanics in Dodge to Vote)
Oct. 19 2018 11:55 AMThe Most Subtly Infuriating Thing About Trump Praising the Congressman Who Assaulted a Reporter
Oct. 19 2018 11:36 AMThursday Night’s Missouri Senate Debate Was Oddly Civil and Surprisingly Illuminating
Oct. 18 2018 10:51 PMTrump Says Montana Congressman Who Pleaded Guilty to Physically Assaulting a Reporter Is “My Kind of Guy”