The Slatest
The Slatest
Nov. 7 2018 12:42 AMCalifornia Rep. Duncan Hunter, Charged with Embezzling Campaign Funds, Wins Re-Election
Nov. 6 2018 11:44 PMRon DeSantis Beats Andrew Gillum in Florida After Boost From Racists
Nov. 6 2018 11:31 PMI Would Have Campaigned for Any Democrat With a Pulse. Max Rose Won Me Over.
Nov. 6 2018 11:10 PMEstablishment Democrat Lizzie Fletcher Defeats Nine-Term Incumbent John Culberson in Houston
Nov. 6 2018 10:44 PMNotorious Vote Thief and Incompetent Gubernatorial Candidate Kris Kobach Loses in Kansas
Nov. 6 2018 10:20 PMHeidi Heitkamp Never Really Had a Chance in North Dakota
Nov. 6 2018 9:38 PMRepublican Marsha Blackburn Trounces Phil Bredesen in His Long-Shot Tennessee Senate Race
Nov. 6 2018 9:30 PMDemocrat Joe Manchin Wins Re-election in One of Trump’s Best States
Nov. 6 2018 6:56 PMHow Democrats Will Protect the Mueller Investigation if They Win the House
Nov. 6 2018 5:34 PMElection Night Results: The House of Representatives
Nov. 6 2018 2:07 PMYour Voting Line May Be Too Long for the Same Reason You Can’t Afford a Home
Nov. 6 2018 12:00 PMElection Day Open ThreadA place to gather as you await the returns.
Nov. 5 2018 9:51 PMU.S. Olympic Committee Moves to Strip USA Gymnastics of Authority Following Sex Abuse Scandal
Nov. 5 2018 8:05 PMDaily Dem Panic Meter: “A Lot of Things Are Offensive… So You Know” Is Donald Trump’s Closing Argument
Nov. 5 2018 5:17 PMWhat Exactly Is Donald Trump Implying About Kentucky, Here?
Nov. 7 2018 12:24 AMRep. Chris Collins, Charged with Securities Fraud, Re-Elected in New York
Nov. 6 2018 11:39 PMMcCaskill Loses Big in a Senate Race Everyone Saw as a Squeaker
Nov. 6 2018 11:22 PMSharice Davids, Deb Haaland Become First Native American Women Elected to Congress
Nov. 6 2018 11:03 PMNo Winner in Mississippi Special Election—a Minor Blemish on an Otherwise Great Night for the Senate GOP
Nov. 6 2018 10:40 PMThe Silver Lining to Beto O’Rourke’s Loss to Ted Cruz
Nov. 6 2018 9:42 PMRep. Conor Lamb Beats Rep. Keith Rothfus in Rare Election Between Two Incumbents
Nov. 6 2018 9:35 PMFlorida Just Granted 1.5 Million People the Right to Vote. That’s Huge.
Nov. 6 2018 9:27 PMRepublican Mike Braun Defeats Joe Donnelly in Indiana, All but Dooming Democrats’ Chances of Taking Back the Senate
Nov. 6 2018 5:57 PMElection Results Live Blog: the House Will Belong to Democrats
Nov. 6 2018 5:33 PMElection Night Results: The Senate
Nov. 6 2018 12:09 PMTroops at the Border Won’t Be Stopping Anyone From Entering, the Military Clarifies
Nov. 6 2018 8:30 AMElection Day Live Updates: When Will Anything Important Happen?
Nov. 5 2018 8:24 PMIs It Legal to Take a Selfie with Your Ballot?
Nov. 5 2018 5:44 PMTom Steyer: Democrats Shouldn’t Bother Trying to Work With Republicans. They Should Disgrace Them.
Nov. 5 2018 2:00 PMTrump DOJ Will Send Election Monitors to Crucial Counties, but It’s (Probably) Not a Voter Suppression Plot