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The Slatest
Feb. 8 2018 11:13 PMThe Government Will Shut Down Because Rand Paul Is Mad
Feb. 8 2018 8:56 PMToday in Conservative Media: What Does a Scandal Need to Do to Get a “-Gate” Around Here?
Feb. 8 2018 4:18 PMWhy Poland Passed a Law Barring People From Blaming It for the Holocaust
Feb. 8 2018 2:13 PMThe Cleveland Cavaliers Just Traded Pretty Much Everyone Who Isn’t LeBron
Feb. 7 2018 11:37 PMFBI Investigation Finds No Evidence Border Patrol Officer’s Death Cited by Trump Was Foul Play
Feb. 7 2018 6:47 PMRepublicans Better Hope Voters Think About the Economy—and Forget About Trump—This November
Feb. 7 2018 5:30 PMThe White House Stood By Rob Porter Well After His Ex-Wives Gave Detailed Descriptions of Abuse to the FBI
Feb. 7 2018 1:32 PMSenate Reaches Two-Year Budget Deal To Avoid Government Shutdown
Feb. 7 2018 11:30 AMCornell Frat Suspended for “Pig Roast” Game in Which Members Competed to Have Sex With Overweight Women
Feb. 6 2018 11:47 PMWith No Employees and No Experience, an Atlanta Woman Got $156 Million to Provide 30 Million Relief Meals to Puerto Rico. She Lasted Three Weeks.
Feb. 6 2018 7:51 PMToday in Conservative Media: God, America, and Football Are Quite the Combo
Feb. 6 2018 3:54 PMTrump Wants to Use the Death of an NFL Player to Goose His Anti-Immigrant Agenda
Feb. 6 2018 12:32 PMReport: Kellyanne Conway Preventing Drug Policy Experts From Forming Drug Policy Agenda
Feb. 5 2018 9:52 PMTrump Legal Team Reportedly Advises Against President Voluntarily Giving Mueller Interview
Feb. 5 2018 7:17 PMHouse Intelligence Committee Votes to Release Democratic Memo
Feb. 8 2018 10:23 PMAfter Aide’s Spousal Abuse Becomes Public, Trump’s Anger Reportedly Swings Towards Chief of Staff John Kelly
Feb. 8 2018 5:05 PMIt’s Really Time for Orrin Hatch to Step Down
Feb. 8 2018 2:43 PMHouse Democrats Are Totally Confused About Whether to Block the Budget Deal
Feb. 8 2018 1:45 PMDemocrats Say They Are Now Targeting 101 House Seats. Wait, Really?
Feb. 7 2018 10:20 PMToday in Conservative Media: Why Isn’t the #MeToo Movement Advocating for Women’s Second Amendment Rights?
Feb. 7 2018 5:42 PMLocal Arkansas TV and Radio Journalists Feud Over Station’s “Babe Bracket”
Feb. 7 2018 1:45 PMTop Trump Aide Resigns After Being Accused of Physically Abusing Ex-Wives
Feb. 7 2018 12:31 PM“Mexican” Judge (He’s American) Gets Last Laugh as Appeals Court OKs $25 Million Trump University Settlement
Feb. 7 2018 8:29 AMSteve Wynn Resigns as CEO of Wynn Resorts After Sexual Harassment Allegations
Feb. 6 2018 9:33 PMTrump Orders Military Parade Because Everything Else Is Going So Well He Thought He’d Treat Himself
Feb. 6 2018 4:17 PM37 Questions About the New York Times’ #MeToo Ukulele Video
Feb. 6 2018 2:43 PMTrump Not Expected to Extend DACA Past March
Feb. 6 2018 9:05 AMReport: White House Spokesman Called Trump a “Deplorable”
Feb. 5 2018 9:11 PMToday in Conservative Media: The Memo Isn’t What Republicans Said It Was, and That’s a Problem—or Not
Feb. 5 2018 4:17 PMSens. Graham and Grassley Release Letter Explaining Why They Called for Criminal Investigation of Christopher Steele