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The Slatest
May 7 2018 5:27 PMMelania Trump Cyberbullying Booklet Appears to Be Copied From FTC Document Released During Obama Administration
May 7 2018 3:14 PMTens of Thousands of University of California Workers to Strike for Three Days
May 7 2018 11:48 AMRudy Giuliani Now Says His Own Statements About Trump and Stormy Daniels Are “Rumors” He Can’t Confirm
May 6 2018 6:55 PMMom on College Tour Calls Police on Two Native American Teens: They Made Her “Nervous”
May 6 2018 2:11 PMWatch Off-Duty California Police Officer Pull Gun on Man He Thought Had Stolen Mentos
May 6 2018 11:45 AMNorth Korea Accuses Trump of “Deliberately Provoking” Pyongyang Ahead of Talks
May 5 2018 5:19 PMMcCain’s Friends Have Started Preparing for His Funeral—and Trump Isn’t Invited
May 5 2018 3:14 PMRussia Detains Opposition Leader Along With Almost 1,600 Anti-Putin Protesters
May 5 2018 10:52 AMBill Maher Has Figured Out Problem With Giuliani and Trump: They’re Both “Senile”
May 4 2018 5:43 PMWill a Disturbing Sex Scandal Spoil the GOP’s Chances to Beat Claire McCaskill?
May 4 2018 3:12 PMNew Giuliani Statement About Previous Giuliani Statements Is Wishful Gibberish
May 4 2018 12:41 PMU.S. Withholding Funding From Rescue Group That Saves Thousands of Syrian Lives
May 3 2018 11:02 PMIs the Trump-Fox News-Wall Street Journal Unholy Alliance Starting to Crack Under the President’s Lies?
May 3 2018 7:19 PMEx-Con GOP Candidate Insults Mitch McConnell’s “China Family” in Surreal, Awful Campaign Ad
May 3 2018 4:51 PMHouse Chaplain Rescinds Resignation in Scorching Letter to Paul Ryan
May 7 2018 3:38 PMNotorious Arms Trafficker Named President of NRA
May 7 2018 12:28 PMCould Don Blankenship Really Win the Senate Nomination in West Virginia? Donald Trump Seems to Think So.
May 7 2018 9:17 AMUniversity of Florida Graduates Complain of Manhandling at Graduation Ceremony
May 6 2018 4:35 PMGina Haspel Reportedly Offered to Withdraw Nomination to Lead CIA Over Torture Concerns
May 6 2018 2:01 PMGiuliani Says Trump Could Plead the 5th, Doesn’t Have to Comply With Mueller Subpoena
May 6 2018 10:18 AMWatch These Breathtaking Videos of Lava Flows in Hawaii That Forced Evacuations
May 5 2018 4:39 PMTrump Manages to Anger Both French and British Citizens With NRA Speech
May 5 2018 1:35 PMTrump tells NRA: Gun Rights Will “Never Ever Be Under Siege as Long as I Am Your President”
May 5 2018 9:59 AMTrump Reportedly Knew About Stormy Daniels Payment “Several Months” Before Denying It
May 4 2018 5:31 PMEx-Con West Virginia Senate Candidate Uses the Word “Negro” While Defending TV Ad About “China People”
May 4 2018 2:02 PMWhy a Judge Delivered a Courtroom Tirade Challenging Mueller’s Authority to Charge Paul Manafort
May 4 2018 11:04 AMTrump Now Says Giuliani Doesn’t Have His Facts Straight on Stormy Daniels. What’s Going On?
May 3 2018 9:13 PMNorth and South Korean Table Tennis Teams Join Forces as One Rather Than Meet in Quarters of World Championship
May 3 2018 5:00 PMVideo Shows Miami Police Officer Taking Running Start to Kick Prone, Handcuffed Man in Head
May 3 2018 4:08 PMTrump Could Have an Extraordinarily Successful Foreign Policy—if He Wanted One