The Slatest
The Slatest
Aug. 7 2018 3:43 PMParkland School Shooter Blames Massacre on a “Demon” Voice
Aug. 7 2018 11:19 AMStephen Miller Wants to Deny More Legal Immigrants Green Cards and Citizenship
Aug. 7 2018 9:00 AMWest Hollywood Asks for President Trump’s Hollywood Star to be Permanently Removed
Aug. 6 2018 9:04 PMDOJ Will Fight Order to Restart DACA by Judge Who Called White House’s Rationale “Illogical”
Aug. 6 2018 6:31 PMRick Gates, the Star Witness in Manafort Trial, Testifies His Former Boss Knowingly Broke the Law
Aug. 6 2018 4:10 PMTrump’s “Vast Amounts of Water” Tweet, Explained
Aug. 6 2018 2:36 PMThere Are Still More Questions Than Answers About the Venezuela Drone Attack
Aug. 6 2018 12:20 PMTrump Endorses Voter Restriction Enthusiast Kris Kobach in Kansas Governor Race
Aug. 6 2018 9:17 AMPortland Investigating Possible Police Aggression Toward Antifa Protesters at Far-Right Rally
Aug. 5 2018 6:47 PMPowerful Quake Strikes Indonesian Resort Island of Lombok, Kills at Least 82
Aug. 5 2018 1:13 PMTrump Doubles Down on Attacking “Dangerous and Sick” Journalists: “They Can Also Cause War!”
Aug. 5 2018 10:50 AMPresident Admits Trump Tower Meeting Was to Get Dirt on Clinton Amid Reported Concern for Son’s Liability
Aug. 4 2018 8:51 PMVenezuelan Government Says President Maduro Survives Drone Assassination Attempt
Aug. 4 2018 7:16 PMRussia Appoints Actor Steven Seagal as Special Envoy for Humanitarian Ties With U.S.
Aug. 4 2018 5:05 PMNRA Says it Is Facing a Financial Crisis, Twitter Users Send “Thoughts & Prayers”
Aug. 7 2018 12:32 PMManafort Judge Sass Watch: He May Have Made a Prosecutor Cry
Aug. 7 2018 10:17 AMThe Mendocino Complex Fire Is Now the Largest in California History. It’s Only 30 Percent Contained.
Aug. 7 2018 5:55 AMGOP Unity Might Prove Futile in Ohio’s Special Election
Aug. 6 2018 7:39 PMJared Kushner Demanded These Stories Be Deleted From the New York Observer’s Website
Aug. 6 2018 5:06 PMThe U.S. Needs to Stand Up for Canada in Its Feud With Saudi Arabia
Aug. 6 2018 3:23 PMObamacare Repeal Will Definitely Return if Republicans Hold Congress
Aug. 6 2018 1:56 PMMan Detained by ICE Claims He Went Blind in One Eye After an Agent Didn’t Believe He Had Diabetes
Aug. 6 2018 10:38 AMMoviePass Goes Back to Old Price, but You Only Get Three Movies a Month Now
Aug. 5 2018 7:48 PMCNN’s Brian Stelter Airs C-SPAN Caller Threatening to Shoot Him and Don Lemon
Aug. 5 2018 1:58 PMOsama Bin Laden’s Son Reportedly Married Daughter of Lead 9/11 Hijacker
Aug. 5 2018 12:13 PMFirst Came “Alternative Facts,” Now Trump’s Lawyer Says That “Over Time, Facts Develop”
Aug. 5 2018 9:33 AMFar-Right, Counter-Protesters Clash in Portland but Things Remain Relatively Peaceful
Aug. 4 2018 7:43 PMMelania Trump Stands Apart From Her Husband, Says Nice Things About Lebron James
Aug. 4 2018 6:14 PMA Flat Tire Was Responsible for Sparking California’s Deadly Carr Fire
Aug. 4 2018 2:03 PMNorth Korea Has Not Halted its Nuclear Program, According to Confidential U.N. Report