The Slatest
The Slatest
Sept. 14 2018 3:10 PM20 Hospitalized in Mass Overdose in Washington, D.C.; Synthetic Marijuana Suspected
Sept. 14 2018 11:06 AMFires and Explosions Break Out in Dozens of Homes Across Three Massachusetts Towns
Sept. 14 2018 8:09 AMFlorence Makes Landfall Near Wilmington; 9 Feet of Storm Surge Reported in Places
Sept. 13 2018 4:57 PMTrump Tried to Have Braille Removed from Trump Tower Elevators, Longtime Trump Org Exec Says
Sept. 13 2018 4:42 PMJim “Mad Dog” Mattis Reportedly Demoted to “Moderate Dog,” Could Be “Gone Dog” After the Midterms
Sept. 13 2018 12:16 PMRussians Accused in Skripal Poisoning Say They’re Just Misunderstood Lovers of Gothic Architecture
Sept. 13 2018 10:21 AMNumber of Detained Migrant Children Reaches Record High
Sept. 12 2018 6:41 PMPlanned Parenthood’s Next President: An Immigrant Doctor of Color Who Grew Up on Medicaid
Sept. 12 2018 5:57 PMCalifornia Gov. Jerry Brown Convenes Climate Summit to Keep U.S. on Track for Greenhouse Gas Goals
Sept. 12 2018 3:00 PMJPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Is Sorry for Saying He’s Smarter Than Trump and Could Beat Him in 2020
Sept. 12 2018 1:00 PMPope Francis Calls Meeting With Bishops to Address Sexual Abuse Crisis
Sept. 11 2018 5:49 PMOne of Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnappers To Be Released Five Years Early
Sept. 11 2018 1:12 PMFor Once, Trump Gives an Appropriate Speech and Mostly Conducts Himself With Dignity
Sept. 10 2018 11:26 PMThat Racist Serena Williams Cartoon Is Sadly Illustrative of Australian Cartoonists
Sept. 10 2018 7:08 PMBeto O’Rourke Makes Republicans So Anxious, They Forgot How Much They Hate Ted Cruz
Sept. 14 2018 11:43 AMReport: Woman Accused Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh of High School–Era Sexual Misconduct
Sept. 14 2018 10:37 AMPaul Manafort Is Cooperating With the Mueller Investigation as Part of Plea Deal
Sept. 13 2018 9:38 PMAndrew Cuomo Trounces Cynthia Nixon in New York Primary
Sept. 13 2018 4:56 PMAn Imperfect DOJ Agreement Will Restore Some, But Not All, Asylum Rights to Separated Families
Sept. 13 2018 1:28 PMWhy a Category 2 Hurricane Florence Is Still Exceptionally Dangerous
Sept. 13 2018 10:32 AMTrump Says Hurricane Maria Death Toll of 3,000 Is a Democratic Conspiracy “to Make Me Look Bad”
Sept. 13 2018 2:52 AMBrett Kavanaugh Releases 263 Pages Worth of Non-Answers to Senators’ Written Questions
Sept. 12 2018 6:00 PMRomance Novelist Who Wrote an Essay Called “How to Murder Your Husband” Accused of Murdering Her Husband
Sept. 12 2018 5:34 PMSeven NYC Cops and Several Others Arrested for Allegedly Operating a Prostitution Ring
Sept. 12 2018 2:04 PMHurricane Florence Could Drop an Even More Absurd Amount of Rainfall This Week, According to the Latest Projections
Sept. 12 2018 10:39 AMTrump Administration Redirected $10 Million From FEMA to ICE at the Start of Hurricane Season
Sept. 11 2018 5:01 PMTrump Brags About Response to Puerto Rico Hurricane That May Have Killed Nearly 3,000 People
Sept. 11 2018 10:54 AMWhat We Know About Hurricane Florence’s Projected Path and Potential Impact
Sept. 10 2018 7:52 PMWhy Would Cynthia Nixon Order Lox on a Cinnamon Raisin Bagel? We Present Six Theories.
Sept. 10 2018 6:13 PMWhy John Bolton Is So Obsessed With the International Criminal Court