The Slatest
The Slatest
Dec. 7 2018 4:34 PMEven a Nonbinding Migration Pact Is Too Much for Trump and His Right-Wing European Buddies
Dec. 7 2018 2:02 PMRex Tillerson Says He Had to Say No to Demands From President That “Violate the Law”
Dec. 7 2018 11:47 AMArizona State Politician Re-elected Despite History of Racist Remarks Under Pressure to Resign After Newest Racist Remarks
Dec. 6 2018 10:51 PMThe NRA and Trump Campaign Appeared to Use the Exact Same Media Consultant to Coordinate Their 2016 Campaign Ads, Which Is Not Legal
Dec. 6 2018 6:08 PMFor Netanyahu and His American Friends, Criticizing Israel Is the Only Anti-Semitism That Matters
Dec. 6 2018 5:24 PMThe First Epic Online Meltdown of the 2020 Democratic Primary Has Begun, and It’s About Beto O’Rourke
Dec. 6 2018 1:19 PMR.I.P. to This 500-Year-Old British Guy Who They Found Wearing Sexy Boots in the Mud
Dec. 6 2018 11:00 AMNadir of Modernity Reached as Israeli Military Complains About Iran on Twitter via Cutesy Reference to Tinder
Dec. 5 2018 9:11 PMSaudi Arabia Paid Washington Lobbyist to Book 500 Rooms in Trump’s D.C. Hotel Shortly After 2016 Election
Dec. 5 2018 5:26 PMBorder Patrol Agent Who Confessed to Killing Four Women Indicted on Capital Murder Charge
Dec. 5 2018 12:30 PMTexas Republican Who Helped Write Party’s Platform Says He Is “a White Nationalist and Proud of It”
Dec. 4 2018 10:06 PMIn Heavily Redacted Court Filing, Mueller Recommends Flynn Get Little to No Prison Time in Return for His “Substantial Assistance”
Dec. 4 2018 4:40 PMMultimillionaire Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Settles High-Profile Lawsuit
Dec. 4 2018 2:57 PMLindsey Graham Is Furious at Saudi Arabia Now. But He May Still Be More Worried About Iran.
Dec. 3 2018 8:42 PMFirst Ever Female Ballon d’Or Ceremony Marred by Male DJ Asking Winner to Twerk Onstage
Dec. 7 2018 4:00 PMTrump: Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Is “Dumb as a Rock” and “Lazy as Hell”
Dec. 7 2018 11:47 AMTrump’s Attorney General Nominee Pushed for Iran-Contra Pardons. Will He Do the Same With Mueller’s Convictions?
Dec. 7 2018 11:45 AMTrump Picks State Department Spokesperson, Former Fox News Anchor, for U.N. Ambassador
Dec. 6 2018 7:05 PMDemocratic Candidate Withdraws Concession in North Carolina Congressional Race Roiled by Allegations of GOP Voter Fraud
Dec. 6 2018 5:41 PMLindsey Graham Comes Down Like a Ton of Bricks on Saudi Arabia With a Sternly Worded Resolution
Dec. 6 2018 5:16 PMReport: Undocumented Workers at Trump Golf Club Say Management Knew Their Immigration Status
Dec. 6 2018 12:44 PMReport: 81 Migrant Children Separated From Adults at Border Since End of Zero-Tolerance Policy
Dec. 6 2018 9:14 AMLawsuit Alleges Deadly Camp Fire Was Caused by Pacific Gas & Electric Company Equipment
Dec. 5 2018 8:23 PMMichael Cohen’s Sentencing Request Seems to Implicate Trump Officials in His Lies to Congress
Dec. 5 2018 5:04 PM’70s Memo Indicates George H.W. Bush Had Role in Nixon Obstruction-of-Justice Scheme
Dec. 5 2018 11:12 AMLaura Ingraham Compares Students Protesting Confederate Statue to ISIS
Dec. 4 2018 4:53 PMWhy Do Political Journalists Think It’s Their Job to Portray George H.W. Bush as America’s Benign, Saintly Grandpa?
Dec. 4 2018 4:04 PMIt’s Possible (but Unlikely) That the Brits Could Get Another Vote on Brexit
Dec. 4 2018 12:24 PMFlorida Man Claims Sheriff Held Him for ICE for More Than Two Weeks Despite Proof of U.S. Citizenship
Dec. 3 2018 6:16 PMAutopsy on Black Alabama Man Killed at Mall on Thanksgiving Finds Police Shot Him From Behind