The Slatest
The Slatest
June 12 2018 7:14 AMTrump Gives Kim Major Concession at Summit and Gets a Photo-op in Return
June 11 2018 10:16 PMTrump Administration Launches Effort to Strip Citizenship From Those Suspected of Naturalization Irregularities
June 11 2018 7:28 PMWhy Did Kim Jong-un Bring His Own Toilet to the Trump Summit?To protect his poop.
June 11 2018 1:42 PMCVID Is the Most Important Acronym of the Trump-Kim Talks. No One Knows What It Means.
June 10 2018 6:14 PMForget Russia. Maybe It’s the U.S. That Doesn’t Belong at the G-7.
June 10 2018 4:15 PMThe Date Is Here: So Long, Net Neutrality
June 10 2018 1:11 PMValedictorian Says High School Cut Mic When She Tried to Speak About Sexual Assault
June 9 2018 9:13 PMTrump Shocks Allies With Tweets Insulting Trudeau, Backing Out of G-7 Statement
June 9 2018 1:26 PMProsecutor Says No Sign of Foul Play, Violence in Anthony Bourdain’s Death
June 9 2018 11:22 AMHonduran Man Takes Own Life After He Was Separated From Family at Border
June 8 2018 3:55 PMMueller Indicts Suspected Russian Operative for Helping Paul Manafort Tamper With Witnesses
June 8 2018 2:51 PMTrump Says Russia Should Be Invited Back to the G-7
June 7 2018 11:54 PMJustice Department Secretly Accessed New York Times Reporter’s Email and Phone Records to Find a Government Leaker
June 7 2018 5:21 PMScott Pruitt Allegedly Made His Security Staff Help Him Find High-End Hand Lotion. Why Hasn’t He Been Fired?
June 7 2018 3:35 PMPaul Ryan Comes Back to “No Collusion” After Breaking With Trump On Spy Claims
June 12 2018 12:38 AMAll the Races to Watch in Tuesday’s Quietly Important Primaries
June 11 2018 9:28 PMTrump and Kim Jong-un Shake Hands, Kicking Off Historic Denuclearization Meeting
June 11 2018 3:09 PMBill Clinton Appears to Defend Al Franken When Asked About #MeToo
June 11 2018 10:40 AMOfficer on Air Force Most Wanted List Found 30 Years Later Living Quietly in California
June 10 2018 6:08 PMThere Are People Tasked With Taping Trump’s Papers Back Together After He Rips Them
June 10 2018 3:05 PMJohn Kelly Reportedly Called the White House a “Miserable Place to Work”
June 10 2018 11:49 AMKudlow: Trump Blasted Canada Because He Can’t Show Weakness Before Kim Summit
June 9 2018 3:36 PMTrump Says He’ll Know “Within the First Minute” if Kim Summit Will Be Successful
June 9 2018 12:14 PMEmmanuel Macron Shook Trump’s Hand So Intensely He Left His Thumb Imprint
June 8 2018 4:15 PMBernie Sanders Explains His Lackluster Endorsement Record
June 8 2018 3:53 PMAnthony Bourdain Really, Really Hated Henry Kissinger
June 8 2018 12:23 PMTrump Says He Might Pardon Muhammad Ali, a Black, Muslim Athlete Who Was Prosecuted for a Protest Against the Military
June 7 2018 9:36 PMEven the White House’s Own Internal Economic Analysis Reportedly Found Trump’s Tariffs Will Hurt the U.S. Economy
June 7 2018 5:11 PMDemocrats Get a Good Prognosis for Health Care Assault
June 7 2018 3:19 PMMajor News Outlet Exposes Legitimate George Soros Connection to High-Profile Public Event (the Belmont Stakes)