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The Slatest
Feb. 13 2019 10:24 AMThere Have Been a Lot of Dumb Proposals For Funding Trump’s Border Wall
Feb. 12 2019 8:02 PMYour 2020 Democratic Primary Pronunciation GuideHow to pronounce the names of Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and more.
Feb. 12 2019 9:04 AMTrump Supporter Attacks BBC Cameraman at Rally
Feb. 11 2019 8:38 PMFormer Trump Aide Sues President for Allegedly Using Campaign NDA to Exact Retribution for Tell-All Book
Feb. 11 2019 5:23 PMThe Uproar Over Ilhan Omar’s Israel Tweets Is a Sign of Things to Come
Feb. 10 2019 5:31 PMSen. Amy Klobuchar Officially Joins the 2020 Presidential Race
Feb. 10 2019 3:54 PMTrump Defends Use of “Executive Time”: “I Probably Work More Hours Than Almost Any Past President”
Feb. 10 2019 1:08 PMBorder Security Negotiations Break Down as Another Shutdown Looms Friday
Feb. 9 2019 5:06 PMVa. Gov. Northam Digs in, Wants to “Heal That Pain” of Racial Inequality
Feb. 9 2019 1:56 PMVirginia Democrats Call on Lt. Gov. Fairfax to Resign After Second Sexual Assault Allegation
Feb. 8 2019 7:26 PMThe National Enquirer Started Doing Shady Things Long Before This Jeff Bezos ScandalA brief timeline.
Feb. 8 2019 5:53 PMSecond Woman Accuses Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of Sexual Assault
Feb. 8 2019 1:45 PMTrump Is Setting Himself Up for a “Mission Accomplished” Moment With ISIS
Feb. 7 2019 10:47 PMIs “Complexifier” a Real Word? A Slate Investigation.
Feb. 7 2019 7:54 PMThe National Enquirer Tried to Blackmail Jeff Bezos by Threatening to Publish Nude Selfies Sent to His Mistress
Feb. 12 2019 10:11 PMBuzzFeed News Employees Agree to Unionize Weeks After Sweeping Layoffs
Feb. 12 2019 10:38 AMA Veep Joke About Leg-Shaving Was Inspired by a Rumor About Amy KlobucharA representative for Klobuchar said the rumor was “completely false.”
Feb. 11 2019 10:51 PMCongressional Negotiators Agree to Tentative Budget Deal to Avoid Another Shutdown
Feb. 11 2019 6:38 PMThe Head of J Street—AIPAC’s Moderate Rival—Doesn’t Think Democrats Are Split on Israel
Feb. 11 2019 9:36 AMReport: Brother of Bezos’ Girlfriend Leaked Texts to the National Enquirer
Feb. 10 2019 4:33 PMVa. Gov. Northam Refers to Slaves as “Indentured Servants” in TV Interview
Feb. 10 2019 2:54 PMWarren Says Trump May Not “Be a Free Person” by 2020 After He Appears to Mock Trail of Tears in Tweet
Feb. 10 2019 11:59 AMVirginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax Pushes Back Against Demands to Resign, Calls for FBI Probe
Feb. 9 2019 3:04 PMElizabeth Warren Launches Presidential Campaign: “Our Fight is For Big, Structural Change”
Feb. 9 2019 10:57 AMTrump Foresees North Korea Becoming an Economic “Rocket” Thanks to Brutal Dictator
Feb. 8 2019 6:51 PMWho Is Gavin de Becker?He dated Alanis Morissette, protected a dying George Harrison, and defended Mel Gibson. Now he’s helping Jeff Bezos fight the National Enquirer.
Feb. 8 2019 3:23 PMMatthew Whitaker Turned His House Judiciary Committee Hearing Into a Joke and Democrats Let Him
Feb. 8 2019 12:59 PMA New Project Will Have Black Students Look for Racist Imagery in Politicians’ Yearbooks
Feb. 7 2019 9:56 PMFormer Michigan Rep. John Dingell, the Longest-Serving Congressman in American History, Dies at 92
Feb. 7 2019 7:28 PMThe Green New Deal Is Now a Litmus Test for the 2020 Field