The Slatest
The Slatest
Aug. 12 2018 3:58 PMGrieving Mother Orca Finally Drops Dead Calf After Carrying Corpse for 17 Days
Aug. 12 2018 1:24 PMGiuliani Now Denies Trump Ever Discussed Michael Flynn With Comey
Aug. 11 2018 4:59 PMTrump Wanted to Be Sworn In With Art of the Deal and Other Explosive Claims From Omarosa’s Book
Aug. 11 2018 1:02 PMTrump Condemns “All Types of Racism” Ahead of Charlottesville Anniversary
Aug. 11 2018 10:42 AM“Suicidal” Airline Employee Steals Plane, Takes it for A Flight Before Crashing
Aug. 10 2018 5:36 PMHere Is the Most Remarkable Political Ad of 2018
Aug. 10 2018 1:06 PMOmarosa Believes The Apprentice “N-Word Tape” Exists, Says She Heard Trump Use Different Racial Slur
Aug. 9 2018 9:04 PMKris Kobach Grudgingly Recuses Himself After Kansas Secretary of State Office Posts Mistaken GOP Primary Vote Tally
Aug. 9 2018 3:30 PMPolice Chief “Disgusted” That Suspect in Assault of Elderly Sikh Man Is Chief’s Son
Aug. 9 2018 2:27 PMIs Republican Leadership Secretly Backing Devin Nunes’ Plan to Impeach Rod Rosenstein?
Aug. 9 2018 11:16 AMPuerto Rico Admits Hurricane Maria Death Toll Was 1,400, Not 64
Aug. 8 2018 8:37 PMU.S. Announces New Russian Sanctions After Determining Moscow Responsible for U.K. Novichok Assassination Attempt
Aug. 8 2018 5:19 PMOmarosa Has Tapes of Trump—No, Not Those Tapes, You Sicko
Aug. 8 2018 2:57 PMPolice Under Fire for “Bait Truck” Full of Shoes Left in Black Chicago Neighborhood
Aug. 8 2018 1:06 PMThe Trump Administration’s Infuriating Both Sides–ing of the Canada–Saudi Arabia Dispute
Aug. 12 2018 2:12 PMWatch Kellyanne Conway Struggle to Name a Single High-Level Black Official in White House
Aug. 12 2018 12:15 PMOmarosa Releases Recording of Chief of Staff Kelly Firing Her in Situation Room
Aug. 11 2018 3:42 PMRepublican Congressman Says Russia Helped Fan Flames of Racial Tension in Charlottesville
Aug. 11 2018 12:17 PMGOP Rep. Chris Collins, a Trump Ally, Won’t Seek Re-election Amid Insider Trading Charges
Aug. 10 2018 6:27 PMBasta! Michael Avenatti Appears to Enjoy Pretending to Run for President.
Aug. 10 2018 5:21 PMRepublicans Plow Forward With Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing Date, Documents Be Damned
Aug. 10 2018 12:03 PMTrump Supports a Strong Dollar if It Can Crush His Enemies
Aug. 9 2018 6:03 PMJudge Threatens Jeff Sessions With Contempt, Orders Deported Mother and Daughter Returned to United States
Aug. 9 2018 3:04 PMMike Pence Is Trying to Convince America That Space Force Will Be Real and Spectacular
Aug. 9 2018 12:43 PMLaura Ingraham Says “the America We Love Doesn’t Exist Anymore” Because of “Massive Demographic Changes”
Aug. 8 2018 11:12 PMFormer Stanford Swimmer Brock Turner Loses Appeal of Felony Conviction for Sexual Assault of Unconscious Woman
Aug. 8 2018 8:01 PMKris Kobach Will Likely Oversee the Recount in His Own Too-Close-to-Call Primary
Aug. 8 2018 3:40 PMMan at New Mexico Compound Was Allegedly Training Children to Commit School Shootings
Aug. 8 2018 1:53 PMReport: Three Private Civilians Have Been Shaping Policy at the VA From Mar-a-Lago
Aug. 8 2018 12:55 PMRick Gates Sleazewatch: As Many As Five Affairs