The Slatest
The Slatest
June 15 2018 6:23 PMTheranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Charged With Criminal Fraud
June 15 2018 2:46 PMHere’s the North Korean Propaganda Film of the Trump-Kim Summit
June 15 2018 11:49 AMFormer Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort Is Going to Jail for Witness Tampering
June 14 2018 10:06 PMAttorney General Sessions Cites Same Bible Passage Used to Justify Slavery to Defend Immigrant Family Separations
June 14 2018 4:44 PMRussian Politicians Debate: Is It OK to Have Sex With a Foreigner During the World Cup?
June 14 2018 1:36 PMNew York AG Accuses Trump Foundation of “Extensive and Persistent” Law-Breaking
June 13 2018 11:20 PMICE Detained a 50-Year U.S. Resident Outside the Home He Owns and Now It’s Trying to Deport Him
June 13 2018 6:43 PMDemocrats Block Street Near White House to Protest Trump Family Separation Policy
June 13 2018 2:58 PMDemocrats Keep Getting Good News Out of a State That Crushed Their Spirits in 2016
June 13 2018 1:25 PMTexas Man Finds Huge Snake in His Toilet. Deputy Catches It With Her Bare Hands.
June 13 2018 9:49 AMRep. Steve King Retweets Prominent Neo-Nazi
June 13 2018 12:19 AMMark Sanford Survived the “Appalachian Trail.” He Couldn’t Survive Trump.
June 12 2018 10:08 PMLawyer for Ex-FBI Deputy Director McCabe Sues DOJ for Withholding Info on Firing
June 12 2018 3:39 PMWe Now Know More About Why Rand Paul’s Neighbor Tackled Him Over Landscaping
June 12 2018 11:02 AMHow Trump Creates His Own Foreign Policy Realities
June 15 2018 4:44 PMTrump’s DOJ Contradicts His Claim That Democrats Are to Blame for Family Separation
June 15 2018 1:41 PMWould Democrats Think There Was a Conspiracy Against Them If FBI Staffers Had Texted Each Other About Stopping Hillary?
June 15 2018 11:00 AMTrump Says He “Certainly” Wouldn’t Sign House GOP’s Immigration Bill
June 14 2018 6:54 PMThe Most Cynical Part of the House GOP’s Draft Immigration Bill
June 14 2018 2:59 PMThe U.S. Has Sent a Clear Message to the World’s Tyrants: Get Yourself Some Nukes ASAP
June 14 2018 11:21 AMDepartment of Justice Report Concludes That FBI’s Handling of Clinton Email Case Was Flawed but Not Motivated by Political Bias
June 13 2018 8:53 PMWhen Asked About Kim Jong-un’s Abysmal Human Rights Record, Trump Responded “He’s a Tough Guy”
June 13 2018 6:30 PMYemen’s Humanitarian Crisis Is About to Get Much Worse
June 13 2018 2:16 PMMichael Cohen Is About to Flip on Trump or Is Bluffing or Is Maybe Doing Something Else, Various Reports Say
June 13 2018 10:57 AMWinner of Virginia Republican Senate Primary Immediately Suggests His Opponent Should Be Put in Jail
June 13 2018 8:39 AMPimp Wins Republican Primary in Nevada
June 12 2018 10:22 PMDemocrats Are Going to Have Earn the Latino Vote in 2020It’ll take putting up a real fight over DACA – and much more.
June 12 2018 5:52 PMTrump Administration Now Looking to Build Tent Cities to House Immigrant Children Separated From Their Parents
June 12 2018 12:43 PMMichigan Gubernatorial Candidate Protests Bias, Deletes “Core Democratic Values” From Proposed School Standards
June 12 2018 9:57 AMJared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Earned $82 Million in Outside Income in 2017