The Slatest
The Slatest
Jan. 13 2018 10:15 PMI Have Seen the Future of the NFL, and All the Players Are Dogs, and It Is Good
Jan. 13 2018 6:51 PMEagles Complete Immaculate Kneeception
Jan. 13 2018 1:05 PMProtesters Trash H&M Shops in South Africa Following Racist Ad
Jan. 13 2018 10:33 AMTrump Wondered Why “Pretty Korean Lady” Wasn’t Negotiating With North Korea
Jan. 12 2018 1:45 PM“Did You Use the Word ‘Shithole’ to Refer to African Nations” Was an Actual Question the President Got at His MLK Event
Jan. 11 2018 11:28 PMNothing Makes the President Sound More Like a Third Grader Than Discussing the Physical Attributes of a Wall. This WSJ Interview Proves It.
Jan. 11 2018 7:10 PMMaybe Trump Doesn’t Have Great "Political Instincts" as Much as America Has Bad President Instincts
Jan. 11 2018 5:23 PMRising-Star Governor of Missouri Denies Slapping or Blackmailing His (Extramarital) Girlfriend
Jan. 10 2018 11:01 PMJoe Arpaio Appears to Be Running for Senate Based Solely on His Expertise in Birth Certificate Forgeries
Jan. 10 2018 8:22 PMToday in Conservative Media: Build the Wall or Bust
Jan. 10 2018 5:01 PMReport: IRS Paid $20 Million Last Year for the $6.7 Million Brought in by Private Debt Collectors
Jan. 10 2018 3:09 PMPresident Who Says He Rarely Watches TV Describes Multiple Hours of Tuesday Cable News Programming in Detail
Jan. 10 2018 11:36 AMSouth Korean President Gives Trump Credit for New Talks With North. Smart Guy!
Jan. 10 2018 9:05 AMFederal Judge Rules Trump Administration Must Continue DACA Program During Legal Challenges
Jan. 9 2018 9:05 PMFederal Judges Invalidate North Carolina Congressional Map, Deeming It Unconstitutionally Gerrymandered
Jan. 13 2018 7:44 PMAfter Incoming Missile Warning, People in Hawaii Wondered What to Do With the Last Moments of Their Lives“This is how you’re going to die—in a place that’s a paradise.”
Jan. 13 2018 2:28 PMFalse Emergency Alert of Incoming Ballistic Missile Attack Rattles Hawaii
Jan. 13 2018 11:45 AMPorn Actress Says Stormy Daniels and Trump Asked Her to Join Them in Hotel Room
Jan. 12 2018 4:37 PMReport: Trump Lawyer Paid $130,000 in November 2016 for Silence of Porn Actress Who Alleged Affair With Trump
Jan. 12 2018 1:02 PMIt’s Amazing How Many Countries Trump Has Managed to Alienate in Just One Week
Jan. 11 2018 8:41 PMToday in Conservative Media: Trump’s DACA Wobbles This Week Still Have Republicans on Edge
Jan. 11 2018 5:43 PMTrump Told Senators He Doesn’t Want Any More Immigrants From “Shithole” Countries
Jan. 11 2018 1:27 PMOh No, Putin Just Said Kim Jong-un “Won This Round” in His Showdown With Trump
Jan. 10 2018 8:56 PMTrump Now Says It’s “Unlikely” He’d Sit for Interview with Mueller
Jan. 10 2018 7:54 PMToday’s Impeach-O-Meter: Donald Trump Has Offended South Carolina
Jan. 10 2018 3:56 PMD.C. Is Trying to Rename Russian Embassy’s Street After Slain Opposition Leader Boris Nemtsov
Jan. 10 2018 2:02 PMBenghazi Enthusiast and Onetime Suspected Arsonist Darrell Issa Retires, Possibly Opening Seat for Dems
Jan. 10 2018 11:05 AMFormer Idaho Lawmaker Dies From Suicide After Facing a Sexual Abuse Investigation
Jan. 9 2018 10:53 PMDevastating Mudslides Sweep Through California Towns and Kill At Least 13
Jan. 9 2018 7:50 PMToday in Conservative Media: Down Goes Bannon