How Mike Huckabee got my 81-year-old father arrested for bank robbery.

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Jan. 8 2010 9:30 AM

Pops and Robbers

How Mike Huckabee got my 81-year-old father arrested for bank robbery.

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As the worst police shooting in Washington state history, the incident had a searing impact on law enforcement throughout the region. Some 20,000 law enforcement officers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, and around the country came to the memorial service, including a funeral procession 2,000 police vehicles long. Two weeks later, on the Tuesday before Christmas, two more officers from the Seattle-Tacoma area were shot while responding to a domestic-violence call. One of the officers died soon thereafter. In the wake of those traumatic and random Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmastime shootings, police officers could be forgiven for seeing danger behind every door, even if it took the form of an octogenarian with a walking stick.

The oldest known bank robber in American history, Red Rountree, pulled his last heist at 91 and died in prison a year later. His obituary in the Times said he didn't take up the profession until his 80s. So far, my father seems content to stick with the practice of law. When you're 81, getting cuffed feels like an achievement, and when your senator was Larry Craig, a men's room arrest for bank robbery isn't so bad.

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