Why Obama supporters ought to count their blessings.

Why Obama supporters ought to count their blessings.

Notes from the political sidelines.
Nov. 24 2009 6:33 PM

Whinge Purge

Why Obama supporters ought to count their blessings.

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All the historical comparisons should remind us of how much better off we are than we were not so long ago. Obama's first year—unlike JFK's—brought no foreign policy crises. His swift passage of the stimulus bill showed he was no Hoover. His deliberation over Afghanistan makes clear there will be no Rumsfeld. And every day of the Obama presidency, we can be thankful that on one point, at least, Maureen Dowd is right: He's no Sarah Palin.

Bruce Reed, who was President Clinton's domestic policy adviser, is CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council and co-author with Rahm Emanuel of The Plan: Big Ideas for Change in America.E-mail him at thehasbeen@gmail.com. Read his disclosure here.

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