The Good Fight
The Good Fight

Donald Trump Does Not Represent the Real America

Tuesday might not have been the massive repudiation Democrats were hoping for. But it showed that the country is far from united behind the president.

Oct. 29 2018 12:28 PMLessons From BrazilA disturbing election shows that we can’t count on the lessons of history—or multiculturalism—to save democracy.
Oct. 12 2018 3:41 PMRally the Base or Persuade Moderates? Why Not Both.The two groups Democrats need in order to win have more in common than you might think.
Sept. 28 2018 4:54 PMThe Kavanaugh Stakes Just Got HigherTo confirm him now would be dangerous to the survival of our democratic institutions.
Sept. 19 2018 10:41 AMAs the Trump Scandals Grow, Believe What You’re SeeingJust because a constitutional crisis hasn’t come yet, doesn’t mean it won’t.
Aug. 26 2018 1:04 PMThe Right Kind of PartisanJohn McCain respected those he profoundly disagreed with. His adversaries should do the same.
Aug. 13 2018 5:08 PMStrzok ShockThe FBI agent’s firing sets a dangerous precedent for the abuse of power.
July 24 2018 3:04 PMTrevor Noah Doesn’t Get to Decide Who’s FrenchThe Daily Show host says his critics in Europe missed the context of his World Cup commentary. But he’s making the same mistake.
July 11 2018 12:37 PMLeading From BelowHow populists can transform governments—even when they don’t lead them.
June 24 2018 11:27 PMTurkey’s WarningWhy Erdogan’s consolidation of power should be cause for concern in every liberal democracy.
June 14 2018 10:54 AMA New ChoiceMaine’s experiment in ranked-choice voting is a rare cause for optimism about our democracy.
May 31 2018 8:19 AMDestroying Democracy to Save ItThe president of Italy’s move to block the populists will only make them stronger.
May 11 2018 11:18 AMThe Red and the BrownItaly’s emerging political order shows how easily the far-left and far-right can join forces.
May 2 2018 3:01 PMIt’s Time for an Outrage ArmisticeHow to reach a truce in the culture war.
April 9 2018 2:58 PMHungary’s Election Was a Milestone in the Decline of DemocracyViktor Orbán disproves everything we thought we knew about the resilience of democratic institutions.
March 22 2018 2:39 PMNo, Really, DO NOT CONGRATULATE!Western media and leaders—Not Just Trump—are helping Putin legitimize his sham election victory.
Oct. 27 2018 8:37 PMThe Nature of Trump’s Culpability in the Pittsburgh Synagogue MassacreThe shooter may despise him, but the president’s dehumanizing language has made political violence—and hate crimes like this—more likely.
Oct. 6 2018 3:49 PMThe Supreme Court Is Now a Partisan InstitutionKavanaugh’s confirmation means Trump controls all three branches of government. There’s only one check left on the president.
Sept. 24 2018 4:11 PMThe Rosenstein LineThe deputy attorney general is keeping his job for now, but our democratic institutions aren’t looking so healthy.
Sept. 4 2018 2:32 PMThe Failure of the Center-RightEurope’s conservatives are failing to prevent the spread of right-wing authoritarianism.
Aug. 23 2018 11:47 AMLight in the Darkest TimelineCould this week’s Manafort and Cohen developments finally do real damage to the Trump presidency? We’d better hope so.
Aug. 7 2018 12:14 PMLiberals Don’t Have to Defend Sarah Jeong’s TweetsThe impulse to bash “old white men” is satisfying, but it’s also wrong and counterproductive.
July 16 2018 3:40 PMAn “Extraordinarily” Trumpian Day in HelsinkiScenes like the Helsinki summit still seem strange to us. But we’re getting numb to them.
June 27 2018 8:44 PMSo Much For the InstitutionsKennedy’s retirement proves we can’t count on elites to constrain Trump’s worst excesses
June 20 2018 9:14 PMTrump Finally Went Too FarThe reaction to family separations proved the public outrage still matters—and that attitudes on immigration are more complicated than we often think.
June 8 2018 1:31 PMEven Canada Is Not Immune to the Rise of PopulismHow Doug Ford, brother of Rob Ford, quickly surged to drag the once-liberal bastion to the right.
May 23 2018 6:43 PMThe Conversations We Need to HaveA new forum for cross-partisan dialogue sparks a tiny bit of hope for the Trump era.
May 3 2018 10:29 AMBefore Making Peace With North Korea, Let’s Not Forget the North KoreansThe moral dilemma of sitting down with a leader like Kim Jong-un.
April 23 2018 1:29 PMStill the OneNo matter how blatantly Trump lies, voters (and Shania Twain) will see him as authentic. Here’s why.
April 2 2018 12:49 PMDon’t Brush Off Trump’s Attacks on BezosLiberals and Wall Street are far too relaxed about the implications of the president’s anti-Amazon ranting.
March 13 2018 1:36 PMThe Strongman GapThe good news: Trump is curing Americans of their desire for a strongman leader. The bad news: It’s becoming a partisan issue.