The Good Fight
The Good Fight
May 9 2017 8:52 PMComey’s Firing Is the Moment of Truth for the GOPThey can finally find the courage of their convictions—or let Trump destroy the republic.
May 1 2017 3:03 PMNo, There Is No Case for Le PenRoss Douthat misunderstands the threat the National Front candidate poses to France.
April 18 2017 5:45 AMA Primer on the French ElectionFour candidates, three nightmare scenarios.
March 23 2017 5:57 AMHow the West Can Defend Itself From Putin’s RussiaIt’s time to return to a Cold War mentality.
March 6 2017 12:49 PMThe Coming Democratic Majority? Not So Fast.The right fears it. The left dreams of it. But both may be deceived in assuming demographics will change how America votes anytime soon.
Feb. 9 2017 2:37 PMFive Things Americans Can Do to Beat TrumpAdvice for the opposition.
Jan. 26 2017 3:20 PMIt’s Been a Long WeekThe three scariest moments from the Trump administration in its first days.
Jan. 12 2017 10:33 AMStop Underestimating Donald TrumpWe can only keep him in check if we recognize his ability to do great harm.
Dec. 20 2016 10:07 AMA Dangerous Day for DemocracyAnkara, Berlin, and a world that seems to be spinning ever faster out of control.
Dec. 6 2016 5:55 AMWhy I Still Want to Be an American CitizenThe rise of Donald Trump is terrifying. But the U.S. remains the world’s best hope for realizing the ideal of a liberal, multiethnic democracy.
May 8 2017 11:30 AMIt’s Far Too Early to Declare Victory Over PopulismFour reasons not to be cheered by Emmanuel Macron’s election to the French presidency.
April 24 2017 12:46 PMThe Real Lessons of the French ElectionFar from a triumph for liberal democracy, the results show just how imperiled it continues to be.
April 9 2017 8:00 PMDemocracy Has Stood Up to TrumpBut it’s far too early to declare Trumpism dead.
March 16 2017 2:35 PMThe Dutch Election Is Not a Cause for CelebrationThe populist wave has not crested.
Feb. 17 2017 9:29 AMEnemy of the Status QuoSocial media isn’t bad or good—it favors outsiders, regardless of their aims.
Feb. 2 2017 11:29 AMDemocracy Is Holding Up, for NowDespite Trump’s blatant assaults on American ideals, our institutions and people are refusing to give in without a fight.
Jan. 19 2017 9:34 AMThe Best-Case Scenario for the Trump PresidencySorry, it’s not impeachment.
Jan. 5 2017 5:50 AMAmerica’s AbdicationDonald Trump’s ascent to power marks the first time in living memory that the liberal world order no longer has a powerful defender.
Dec. 13 2016 5:55 AMHow to Resist PropagandaA minor victory over RT and what it taught me about the challenge of defeating misinformation from the Kremlin and the White House.