A guide to the Iraq surge.
A guide to the Iraq surge.
A cheat sheet for the news.
Sept. 21 2007 6:25 PM

Iraq Position Locator

A handy guide to what politicians, pundits, and others have said about the surge.

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With a slew of recent reports gauging the success of the "surge," everyone from presidential candidates to lawmakers to pundits has been staking out positions on Iraq. Again. In the four and a half years since the invasion of Baghdad, leaders have taken so many stances on the war—Stay the course! Troops out now! Clear and hold!—that it's become tough to remember who said what when. To clear things up a bit, we've put together a guide to what people said about the Iraq invasion back in 2003, what they've said along the way, and what they say now.

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David Sessions is a former Slate intern. He is currently a blogger at Politics Daily.

Morgan Smith, a former Slate intern, is a law student in Austin, Texas.

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