Dear Prudence answers readers' questions live at
Dear Prudence answers readers' questions live at
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June 29 2009 3:29 PM

Grampy's Got a Gun

Prudie counsels a woman whose in-laws refuse to lock up their weapons when her children visit—and other advice seekers.

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Emily Yoffe: I think there is a middle ground between abandoning your husband and child and realizing, "Hey, I need some time in which I'm not responsible for others 24/7." Your weekend away is telling you you need to build more breaks into your life. Maybe you need a babysitter or your should put your child in day care a few hours a week. Maybe you and your husband have been neglecting to take time together and just enjoy each other. Having a child completely changes the dynamics of a marriage, true. But two people who recognize they're going off track can take steps (short of running for the hills) to right things.


Boston: I recently found out from a guy friend of mine that he's only interested in skinny women. I had been interested in him romantically, but since I don't really fit that description (but I'm not overweight) I kept my mouth shut about how I felt. Now I feel awkward and self-conscious around him, and I am a little stung by his revelation because I think we'd make a great match otherwise. What to do?

Emily Yoffe: Let him search for his stringbean while you look for someone interested in and attracted to you.


Washington, D.C.: Re: Rudeness and Asperger's Syndrome: I have this condition, and the only support I've found was for parents with kids who have been diagnosed with Asperger's or young adults in outlying suburbs. Do you think that there are support groups for older adults like me?

Emily Yoffe: You're right, most of the support in the autism/Asperger's community is for children, but there is a growing awareness that these kids are growing up and will need continued support. Go to your search engine and type in "aspergers adult support"—and I'm sure you will find resources. There are also a lot of adults who have only recently discovered that they have Asperger's—there may be listservs of others who are dealing with this.



Emily Yoffe: Thanks, everyone. And all you hikers—try to stay on the straight and narrow.

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