The Chat Room
The Chat Room
Oct. 16 2008 1:39 PMMy People, Your People"Big Sort" blogger Bill Bishop takes questions about political segregation and voter clusters.
Oct. 2 2008 4:46 PMUp for DebateEmily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick take readers' questions about tonight's vice-presidential face-off.
Sept. 18 2008 4:59 PMWhat's the Big Emergency?Zachary F. Meisel and Jesse M. Pines take readers' questions about E.R. abuse and its culprits.
Sept. 4 2008 2:36 PMParsing PalinXX Factor bloggers take readers' questions about the Republican vice-presidential nominee and her speech.
Aug. 28 2008 2:51 PMUpsetting the Apple CartFarhad Manjoo takes readers' questions about flawed iPhones and Steve Jobs' other recent stumbles.
Aug. 14 2008 2:45 PMWhat's So Funny?Dana Stevens addresses the touchy questions of sensitivity and humor surrounding Tropic Thunder.
Aug. 7 2008 3:00 PMBroken WindowsFarhad Manjoo takes readers' questions about Microsoft's sly new PR campaign for Vista.
July 25 2008 2:16 PMOughta Be a CrimeEmily Bazelon takes readers' questions on the legal case against members of the Bush administration.
July 10 2008 1:30 PMAre Hybrids All Hype?Brendan I. Koerner takes readers' questions about buying a new fuel-efficient car vs. a used gas-guzzler.
June 26 2008 2:24 PMLow Pay, No Respect, High SatisfactionReaders chime in as Emily Yoffe discusses the reality of day care work.
June 12 2008 1:27 PMSex and SenilityMelinda Henneberger takes readers' questions on romance among dementia patients.
May 29 2008 4:14 PMSizing Up McCainJacob Weisberg takes readers' questions about the strengths, flaws, and motivations of the Republican candidate.
May 16 2008 4:46 PMTaking Your TimeJosh Levin and Seth Stevenson finally get around to answering readers' questions on procrastination.
May 1 2008 2:23 PMKill JoyChris Baker takes readers' questions about the treatment of violence and morality in the new Grand Theft Auto video game.
April 10 2008 3:21 PMWit's EndTroy Patterson takes readers' questions about the unfunny state of political comedy.
Oct. 9 2008 1:56 PMKnock, Knock!It's Christopher Beam, taking readers' questions about the most effective kinds of political volunteering.
Sept. 26 2008 10:57 AMTime To BailDaniel Gross and Chadwick Matlin take readers' questions on the government's financial-rescue plan.
Sept. 11 2008 3:09 PMOf Greed and GroomsDear Prudence dispenses advice about wedding etiquette.
Aug. 29 2008 6:39 PMConventional WisdomEmily Bazelon and Christopher Beam field questions about Obama's acceptance speech and McCain's veep choice.
Aug. 21 2008 2:58 PMSapped OutSlate's Sap-o-Meter team takes readers' questions about NBC's schmaltzy Olympics coverage.
Aug. 11 2008 4:49 PMAfter the AffairMelinda Henneberger takes readers' questions about the John Edwards sex scandal.
July 31 2008 3:02 PMThe Bush ProblemJohn Dickerson takes readers' questions about how McCain should handle his ties to the president.
July 17 2008 5:23 PMSecret IdentitiesJack Shafer takes readers' questions about anonymous sources, The New Yorker cover, and media criticism.
July 3 2008 5:33 PMLet's ReviewErik Lundegaard discusses film criticism and the link between a movie's popularity and the press it receives.
June 19 2008 5:43 PMGrape NutsOenophiles ask Mike Steinberger about finding great wines at good prices.
June 5 2008 5:01 PMThe Feminine MistakeXX Factor bloggers join readers in a debate about the dilemmas of Hillary's candidacy.
May 23 2008 11:48 AMOur Primary ConcernsJohn Dickerson takes questions from readers wondering when the Democratic race will end.
May 8 2008 5:46 PMDon't Let Your Girls Grow Up To Be Child StarsMeghan O'Rourke takes readers' questions about Hannah Montana and the Miley Cyrus photos.
April 17 2008 4:23 PMClass ActionTimothy Noah takes readers' questions about the Democrats and working folk.
April 7 2008 6:21 PMWhen To Hold 'Em, When To Fold 'EmJohn Dickerson takes readers' questions on the candidate's decision to quit or fight on.