The Chat Room
The Chat Room
June 1 2009 3:03 PMCan My Mom Come Along?Prudie on a mother and daughter who double-date a pair of brothers—and questions from other advice seekers.
May 18 2009 3:34 PMShear BetrayalPrudie counsels a woman who fears angering her stylist husband by visiting another hairdresser—and other advice seekers.
May 11 2009 2:28 PMNice To Meet You. Please Don't Touch Me.Dear Prudence counsels a career woman whose religion forbids her from shaking hands with men—and other advice seekers.
April 27 2009 4:32 PMWe Aren't FamilyDear Prudence counsels a woman who's unsure how to define "extended family" and other advice seekers.
April 13 2009 3:40 PMDormitory Drug WarDear Prudence elaborates on the college tattletale and tackles other reader quandaries.
March 23 2009 3:54 PMDial It DownDear Prudence on family members who call way too often, and other readers' quandaries.
March 4 2009 6:30 PMBiblically SpeakingDavid Plotz discusses Good Book, his chronicle of reading every single word of the Bible.
Feb. 12 2009 12:39 PMCourtroom ConfidentialEmily Bazelon and Dahlia Lithwick take your questions on the state-secrets privilege and other tough issues facing Obama's Justice Department.
Jan. 28 2009 4:52 PMIn the Giving MoodRachael Larimore takes your questions about Slate's annual roster of top philanthropists.
Jan. 15 2009 1:54 PMAre You Happy Now?Gretchen Rubin shares tips and takes your questions about happiness.
Dec. 31 2008 1:35 PMWho's Gonna Stop Him?Edward McClelland takes your questions about Gov. Blagojevich's Senate appointment.
Dec. 12 2008 11:33 AMShredded NewspaperDaniel Gross takes your questions about the decline of the Tribune Co. and the future of fish wrap.
Dec. 4 2008 1:01 PMThe Pirates of IndonesiaKelly McEvers takes readers' questions about piracy on the Strait of Malacca.
Nov. 14 2008 1:59 PMPiracy on the Digital SeasJosh Levin takes your questions about online movie downloading and the BitTorrent kingpin aXXo.
Oct. 31 2008 4:58 PMWarts and AllLee Ann Kinkade discusses the realities of witchcraft and the Wiccan faith.
May 26 2009 2:58 PMThe Gift They Keep on GivingPrudie counsels a woman whose loutish brother-in-law passed off her present as his own—and other advice seekers.
May 12 2009 5:18 PMMeet the Editors of Double XWhat's up with the funny name? Why another women's magazine? Is it like Cosmo? And your other questions answered.
May 4 2009 3:14 PMPocketbook PersecutionPrudie counsels a woman whose mother won't stop badgering her son-in-law about his religious beliefs—and other advice seekers.
April 21 2009 4:54 PMMighty AphroditeDear Prudence counsels a lovelorn student and other advice seekers.
April 6 2009 5:18 PMFacebook PhilanderingDear Prudence on affairs via social networking—and other readers' quandaries.
March 16 2009 3:20 PMDear Prudence, LiveIntroducing a weekly chat with Slate's advice columnist.
Feb. 27 2009 1:50 PMMeltdown DiagnosticsDaniel Gross takes readers' questions about the financial crisis, nationalization, and his new book, Dumb Money.
Feb. 4 2009 4:11 PMWithdrawal SymptomsJohn Dickerson takes your questions on Tom Daschle's retreat and the tax problems of Obama's nominees.
Jan. 23 2009 7:52 PMHow To Count ChangeMichael Newman and Chris Wilson take your questions about Slate's quantitative gauge of Obama's progress.
Jan. 8 2009 3:56 PMHow Do You Explain This?Daniel Engber holds court on the Explainer Question of the Year and the art of explaining.
Dec. 19 2008 2:34 PMNaughty BitsTony Perrottet shares highlights and takes questions about his tour of Europe's sexual history.
Dec. 8 2008 5:48 PMHoliday Survival GuideAdvice columnist Dear Prudence answers readers' Christmas conundrums.
Nov. 20 2008 5:24 PMiPhoning It InFarhad Manjoo and Chris Thompson take your questions about the mobile devices of Apple, Google, and BlackBerry.
Nov. 7 2008 6:40 PMOlive BranchesJohn Dickerson takes your questions about how Obama can really change politics.
Oct. 23 2008 1:04 PMPalin Dressed DownMelinda Henneberger and Nina Shen Rastogi take your questions about the candidate's expensive wardrobe.