The Chat Room
The Chat Room
Dec. 16 2011 6:16 PMWaiting for the Next Big SurgeJohn Dickerson and David Weigel take your questions about the final GOP debate before the Iowa Caucuses.
Jan. 11 2010 2:35 PMGrandma's Prison Pen PalPrudie offers advice on what to do when an elderly relative is looking for love in all the wrong places—and other dilemmas.
Dec. 28 2009 2:48 PMCrazy LovePrudie counsels a man whose ex-girlfriend is trying to ruin his life.
Dec. 14 2009 3:28 PMWinter WoesPrudie gives advice for all kinds of holiday dilemmas and family crises.
Nov. 30 2009 2:43 PMFiance on the Down LowPrudie counsels a woman whose partner has secret sex with men—and other advice seekers.
Nov. 16 2009 5:00 PMMust We Bear Hugs?Prudie counsels a woman wary of her father-in-law's inappropriate embrace—and other advice seekers.
Nov. 2 2009 3:10 PMThe Closeted GroomPrudie dispenses advice about a fiancé who has a bisexual past—and counsels other advice seekers.
Oct. 12 2009 2:47 PMGirlfriend Keeps STD a SecretPrudie counsels a woman concerned about her pal's sins of omission—and other advice seekers.
Sept. 21 2009 2:55 PMBoyfriend's Looks Make My Skin CrawlPrudie counsels a woman whose new guy has unsightly moles—and other advice seekers.
Sept. 8 2009 3:18 PMAre Wedding Gifts Optional?Prudie counsels a mother whose daughter didn't get enough presents at her nuptials—and other advice seekers.
Aug. 24 2009 3:03 PMR U Listening 2 Me?Prudie counsels anyone who's ever been ignored by rude texters—and other advice seekers.
Aug. 10 2009 2:59 PMShould My Son Meet His Mentally Ill Uncle?Prudie counsels a woman torn over a family reunion—and other advice seekers.
July 27 2009 5:24 PMMasseuse Rubbed Me the Wrong WayPrudie counsels a woman who ordered a rubdown but got a shakedown—and other advice seekers.
July 6 2009 3:25 PMThe Party Girl HotelPrudie counsels a woman whose uninvited friend drops in for loud, lusty visits—and other advice seekers.
June 23 2009 3:49 PMBoyfriend Gives His Teeth the BrushoffPrudie counsels a woman whose partner is lax at oral care—and other advice seekers.
June 14 2011 3:31 PMSearching for the Anti-RomneyJohn Dickerson and David Weigel take your questions about the 2012 election and the GOP's first New Hampshire debate.
Jan. 4 2010 2:44 PMDress Me Up, Dress Me DownPrudie counsels a woman whose sister's snide remarks are driving family members away—and other advice seekers.
Dec. 21 2009 3:07 PMHoliday GrievingPrudie counsels a mother who is at a loss for words after losing her son—and other advice seekers.
Dec. 7 2009 3:04 PMTurkey Takes a HolidayPrudie counsels a vegan whose family refuses to go meatless for Christmas—and other advice seekers.
Nov. 23 2009 3:33 PMThanksgiving MisgivingsPrudie talks turkey with advice seekers about the upcoming holiday and all its pitfalls.
Nov. 9 2009 2:42 PMThe Bearded MomPrudie counsels a reader whose mother's facial hair is getting out of control—and other advice seekers.
Oct. 26 2009 2:41 PMSay Beddy-Bye-ByePrudie counsels a husband-to-be whose bride wants her own bedroom—and other advice seekers.
Sept. 30 2009 11:37 AMSeeking Sexual HealingPrudie counsels a woman for whom sex is painful—and other advice seekers.
Sept. 14 2009 3:04 PMWill Therapy Change His Woman-Bashing Ways?Prudie counsels a woman with a sexist fiance—and other advice seekers.
Aug. 31 2009 3:13 PMShould I Confess My Schoolgirl Crush?Prudie counsels a lovelorn student—and other advice seekers.
Aug. 17 2009 3:07 PMI'm Not a PedophilePrudie counsels a man whose cradle-robbing led to true love—and other advice seekers.
Aug. 3 2009 2:58 PMLove To Hate You, BabyPrudie counsels people caught in dysfunctional relationships—and other advice seekers.
July 20 2009 2:27 PMThe Right Candidate With the Wrong IdeaPrudie counsels someone vetting a strong job applicant with repugnant personal beliefs—and other advice seekers.
June 29 2009 3:29 PMGrampy's Got a GunPrudie counsels a woman whose in-laws refuse to lock up their weapons when her children visit—and other advice seekers.
June 8 2009 2:46 PMThe Pill Popper Next DoorPrudie counsels a man whose neighbor swipes his painkillers—and questions from other advice seekers.