The Best Policy
The Best Policy

Eliot Spitzer’s Best Slate Columns

The former New York governor is out of journalism, and heading back to electoral politics.

June 11 2012 3:16 PMChange, But No HopeThree issues—including national service—that could revive Obama’s struggling campaign.
May 14 2012 8:58 AMFlawed DimonThe JPMorgan Chase fiasco reveals the huge structural flaws that persist on Wall Street.
April 16 2012 3:02 PMRomney’s Definition of FreedomIt’s narrow, selfish, ahistorical, and scary.
March 19 2012 12:33 PMKill the JOBS Act!The appalling bill that would repeal essential Wall Street reforms.
Feb. 21 2012 1:27 PMWhy Romney Is CollapsingHis economic arguments are failing, and he has nothing else. 
Jan. 23 2012 6:28 PMSave the State of the Union!Obama wants an hour for his speech. Here’s how he can do better in 10 minutes.
Dec. 21 2011 3:27 PM“We Own Wall Street”How small shareholders, pension funds, and mutual funds can stop corporate America’s worst behavior and ignite a political movement.
Nov. 22 2011 10:19 AMPrepare To Fight Back, ObamaIn 2012, the president will get hammered on the individual mandate and the Bush tax cuts. Here’s how he can seize those issues.
Oct. 24 2011 12:28 PMBill Kristol’s Appalling Attack on Occupy Wall Street His despicable TV ad tars OWS as an anti-Semitic movement.
Sept. 30 2011 2:36 PMIndividual-Mandate HypocrisyWhy aren’t conservatives complaining about this South Carolina insurance law?
Aug. 29 2011 1:52 PMWorld Defeats U.S. in Four SetsHow the decline of American men's tennis can explain global economics.
Aug. 3 2011 1:27 PMThe War on Shareholder ActivistsA shocking D.C. court decision that stops shareholders from nominating independent, new corporate directors.
July 25 2011 6:49 AMClose the Loopholes! (Just Not Mine.)Can the budget crisis be solved without eliminating the mortgage-interest and charity tax deductions?
July 1 2011 12:41 PMChina's a Lion. Is the United States a Gazelle?What a week in the Serengeti taught me about America's role in the world.
June 6 2011 4:19 PMStop Apologizing for the StimulusThe president needs to make the case for his economic policies, not hide from them.
May 29 2012 3:53 PMFacebook’s IPO Wasn’t MispricedIt maximized benefit to the company, which is what an IPO should do.
April 30 2012 10:36 AMOriginalist SinA brilliant article shows that the Founding Fathers not only supported mandates, they passed laws imposing them. Take that, Scalia!
April 2 2012 5:24 PMWhy Conservatives Shouldn’t Gloat YetThe right is giddy after last week’s Supreme Court arguments on Obamacare. Their glee may come back to haunt them.
March 5 2012 2:39 PMCredit-Default HypocritesHow Wall Street is gaming the Greek bailout.
Feb. 6 2012 12:32 PMPass the Romney Rule!The philosophical, economic, and political case for raising capital gains taxes.
Jan. 6 2012 6:32 PMObama Needs Bigger IdeasIf he’s going to beat Romney, the president must have grand plans. Here are two worth trying.
Dec. 8 2011 5:03 PM99 Percenters, Meet the Fearsome 40OWS’s next goal should be to end the filibuster.
Nov. 4 2011 2:50 PMWhat Should Occupy Wall Street Do Now?
Three organizing ideas and five policy ideas that could make the protests even more successful.
Oct. 13 2011 12:44 PMOccupy Wall Street Has Already WonHow the movement has already shaken up American politics, and where it should go from here.
Sept. 6 2011 4:45 PMObama's Last Chance?How he can fight back against a disastrous economy and a swaggering Republican Party.
Aug. 16 2011 4:43 PMObama's FDR MomentAmericans are looking to the president for bold ideas. Here are two.
July 25 2011 2:01 PMGetting to No How does the GOP keeping outfoxing President Obama in the negotiating room?
July 12 2011 4:09 PMProsecute News Corp. The U.S. government should go after Murdoch's media company for its corrupt practices and revoke its TV licenses if it's found guilty.
June 16 2011 3:54 PMRadical, Not ModerateThe Republican presidential debate revealed how alarmingly far right the mainstream GOP has shifted.
May 23 2011 10:55 AMNetanyahu Blew ItThe Israeli prime minister picks a stupid, unnecessary, and wrong fight with President Obama.