The Back Alley
The Back Alley

Choosing Sides

The abortion clinic debate that tore apart Florida's pro-choice coalition.

Feb. 25 2011 7:16 AMThe Next GosnellReckless rogue abortionists and what we can learn from them.
Feb. 23 2011 6:39 AM"Leave Well Enough Alone"How pro-choicers won a political victory by ignoring bad medicine.
Feb. 18 2011 7:47 AMThe Sisterhood of SilenceA bad abortion clinic, a dead woman, and a wall of pro-choice denial.
Feb. 25 2011 12:05 PMThe Back Alley: End Notes
Feb. 24 2011 10:21 AMFighting the GestapoWhy good abortion providers refused to cooperate with Florida health inspectors.
Feb. 22 2011 7:23 AMThe Sunshine StateWhat reporters and health inspectors found in Florida's worst abortion clinics.
Feb. 17 2011 12:41 PMThe Abortion IndustryThe hidden factions of the abortion trade: feminists, doctors, and entrepreneurs.
Feb. 16 2011 5:34 PMWhat Happened to the WomenA grand jury says Kermit Gosnell mistreated and killed abortion patients. Why did nobody stop him?