Bob Corker speaks out, the Boy Scouts admit girls, and Trump wants more nukes, in Slate’s daily newsletter.

Bob Corker, the Boy Scouts, and Trump’s Nuclear Ambitions

Bob Corker, the Boy Scouts, and Trump’s Nuclear Ambitions

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Oct. 11 2017 5:52 PM

The Angle: Bigger Arsenal Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Bob Corker, the Boy Scouts, and Trump’s nuclear ambitions.

The nuke wanter.

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No, no, no: Trump cannot have as many nukes as we had in 1969, and the fact that he even asked reveals that Rex Tillerson was right the first time, Fred Kaplan writes. Turns out the president is a "f---ing moron."

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Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

Lone warrior: Bob Corker is only talking because he's on his way out, and he shouldn't expect any other Republicans to back him up, Jim Newell thinks. Already, Steve Bannon is using Corker's comments as a fundraising tool in his campaign against Senate incumbents.


The ultimate manipulation: Of all the details coming to light around the Harvey Weinstein news, Katy Waldman finds the purchased silence of many of the accusers to be the saddest.

Now co-ed: Before the Boy Scouts' big announcement today, Christina Cauterucci broke down the recent drama between that organization and the Girl Scouts, explaining why this conflict has felt so raw.

For fun: Eminem (?!) brings a little catharsis.