Why Trump wants to kill the Iran deal, MoviePass and its chances for success, and Graham-Cassidy’s chances, in Slate's daily newsletter.

The Iran Deal, MoviePass, and Graham-Cassidy’s Chances

The Iran Deal, MoviePass, and Graham-Cassidy’s Chances

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Sept. 22 2017 5:24 PM

The Angle: Death Knell Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Iran deal, MoviePass, and Graham-Cassidy’s chances.

Sens. Ron Johnson, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham talk before a news conference to say they would not support the so-called skinny repeal of Obamacare in July 27.

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Narrowing paths: John McCain says he’s a “no” on the Graham-Cassidy bill, which means, Jim Newell writes, that the bill is in serious trouble. And rumored plans to buy off Lisa Murkowski would likely be in violation of the Constitution, as Brian Galle argues.

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Why, though?: Fred Kaplan can see no reason why Trump would want to kill the Iran deal, except for the one the president won’t say out loud: Because Obama built it, he wants to break it.


Too good to be true: MoviePass, which offers unlimited tickets for a very low price per month, could actually work to rekindle millennials’ interest in seeing movies in theaters. Chris Lee reports that despite the product’s rocky start, MoviePass’ leadership is convinced everyone else making money off of movies will come to see things their way.

Thinking ahead: Here’s Annalee Newitz on the process she went through trying to write a plausible, interesting version of 2144 into existence. She started by assuming that lots of things might stay the same.

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