The success of airport retail, Gone With the Wind’s racism, and Trump’s bipartisan turn, in Slate’s daily newsletter.

Airport Retail, Gone With the Wind, and Trump’s Bipartisan Turn

Airport Retail, Gone With the Wind, and Trump’s Bipartisan Turn

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Sept. 8 2017 6:05 PM

The Angle: Bizarre Trump Triangle Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on airport retail, Gone With the Wind, and Trump’s bipartisan turn.

On Wednesday, Sen. Chuck Schumer argues a point to President Trump in the Oval Office as White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short looks on.

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Short-lived: President Trump’s “deal” with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer this week is but a fleeting instance of bipartisan cooperation, Jim Newell writes. It can’t last, Reihan Salam agrees; among other factors, Democrats will eventually see little advantage in cozying up to such an unpopular leader.

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Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

It won’t be you: Henry Grabar runs down Amazon’s long list of desiderata for a city to host its new headquarters and finds it hard to see how any town will be able to fulfill the behemoth’s desires.


Where retail thrives: The airport is the one place where people reliably buy things in person, Daniel Gross writes. That’s why retail categories that have been flailing everywhere else—books, electronics—are booming in terminals.

Don’t shelve it: Gone With the Wind is a monument to the Confederate way of life, and it’s full of racism. Angelica Jade Bastién thinks we should watch it anyway and learn from its contradictions.

For fun: Rush Limbaugh, hurricane expert.

A smooth evacuation to all,