The Emmys, the Graham–Cassidy health care bill, and the racial wealth gap, in Slate’s daily newsletter.

The Emmys, the New Health Care Bill, and the Racial Wealth Gap

The Emmys, the New Health Care Bill, and the Racial Wealth Gap

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Sept. 18 2017 6:12 PM

The Angle: Gaping Chasm Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Emmys, the new health care bill, and the racial wealth gap.

Sen. Chuck Schumer talks about the possibility of the Senate taking up health care again during a news conference on Monday.

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Bad to worse: The new Republican health care proposal is “the most extreme yet,” according to Jordan Weissmann. Its passage would be a disaster: The bill “repeals Obamacare but doesn’t replace it in any meaningful sense.”

Rebecca Onion Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

Pulling away: The racial wealth gap is getting worse. Jamelle Bouie looks at a report on the last three decades of widening differences between black, white, and Latino median household wealth and wonders how anyone can say we’re “post-racial.”


Behind the hard hat: Is “Iron Stache” candidate Randy Bryce a rising politician of substance? Or have the Democrats hitched their hopes to an extremely compelling working-class image? David Freedlander looks into it (and several commenters wonder why, in the age of Trump, this question even matters).

Won’t say it: The Emmys were full of implicit rebukes to Trump and Trumpism. But when the producers let Sean Spicer onstage, and The Handmaid’s Tale cast kept their acceptance speech politics-free, did those subtweets suffice? Willa Paskin wonders.

For fun: “No problem”? No problem.

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