Roy Moore’s win in Alabama, Gorsuch’s dissent in Keith Tharpe case, and the hardship of license suspensions, in Slate’s daily newsletter.

Roy Moore’s Win, Gorsuch’s Dissent, and License Suspensions

Roy Moore’s Win, Gorsuch’s Dissent, and License Suspensions

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Sept. 27 2017 6:09 PM

The Angle: No Wheels Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Roy Moore’s win, Gorsuch’s dissent, and license suspensions.

Drivers (with or without licenses) in Los Angeles.

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Irreversible: Some states have flirted with suspending drivers’ licenses to penalize people for failure to pay parking tickets or keep up with car insurance. This is a wildly unfair burden on poor people who rely on cars to get to work, Henry Grabar reports, and although states are now reconsidering, people’s lives are already broken.

Rebecca Onion Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

Tip of the spear: Roy Moore, almost-senator. Shudder. Jim Newell warns that Alabama’s choice of such an ... inappropriate person in the Republican primary is just the beginning.


Wrong way: On Tuesday night, Neil Gorsuch was one of three Supreme Court justices to vote against suspending the death penalty in the case of a Georgia man was convicted by a jury that included one member who said he wasn’t sure black people had souls. The stance shows that Gorsuch isn’t too far from Trump when it comes to racial equality, Mark Joseph Stern argues.

Last time: What happened in 1969 when North Korea shot down an American plane? Fred Kaplan writes that American officials were just as stuck for options then as they are now.