Hugh Hefner’s death, water in Puerto Rico, and labor-related cases at the Supreme Court, in Slate's daily newsletter.

Hugh Hefner, Water in Puerto Rico, and Labor at the Supreme Court

Hugh Hefner, Water in Puerto Rico, and Labor at the Supreme Court

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Sept. 28 2017 6:02 PM

The Angle: Labor Troubles Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Hugh Hefner, water in Puerto Rico, and labor-related cases before the Supreme Court.

Justice Neil Gorsuch speaks during an event hosted by the Fund for American Studies on Thursday at Trump International Hotel in Washington.

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The coming storm: The Supreme Court is about to pass judgment on cases that could affect workers’ ability to claim back wages after employers violate the law, and their power to organize. Daniel Hemel and Mark Joseph Stern are not sanguine about labor’s chances.

Rebecca Onion Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

Dire straits: A whole lot of people in Puerto Rico—almost half the population!—are without clean drinking water right now. Nathalie Baptiste reports on a situation exacerbated by the island’s history of Safe Drinking Water Act violations.


RIP: Somehow, Hugh Hefner shuffled off this mortal coil with some credit for assisting in female sexual liberation. Christina Cauterucci thinks it’s way more complicated than that.

Great work: Richard Linklater’s Last Flag Flying is excellent, Dana Stevens writes. Among other revelations: Steve Carell can now really nail a serious role.

For fun: So much vengeance!

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