Larry Krasner as the left’s new hero, the Mountain Goats' new album, and the Trump wormhole, in Slate's daily newsletter.

Larry Krasner as Lefty Hero, the Mountain Goats’ New Album, and the Trump Wormhole

Larry Krasner as Lefty Hero, the Mountain Goats’ New Album, and the Trump Wormhole

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May 19 2017 5:41 PM

The Angle: Time Warp Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, the Mountain Goats’ new album, and the Trump wormhole.

Even Neil deGrasse Tyson would have a hard time explaining how time bends in TrumpWorld.

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Save us: Philadelphia Democrats have nominated a real crusader, Larry Krasner, for district attorney. But how much good can Krasner, “a progressive firebrand,” really do once in office? Jim Saksa is dubious.

Rebecca Onion Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

Please don't: Thursday's rumors that former Sen. Joe Lieberman may be President Trump's nominee to lead the FBI have Jim Newell dismayed. “What’s most annoying about this potential appointment for liberals is that this would be something of a smart move from Donald Trump,” Newell writes. “No matter what Lieberman has done and no matter how many times he has stabbed their party in the back, he’ll always be afforded some degree of collegiality from some Senate Democrats.”


Wait, when: If the swirl of news has left you super confused about the nature of time's passage, you're not alone. Ben Mathis-Lilley stands by your side.

Speaking of time: The Mountain Goats' new album Goths is excellent, Carl Wilson writes—a true musical advancement and a moving exploration of what it's like to be young.

Tough as hell: The new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is so good that it's hard to binge-watch, Sam Adams writes. You'll want to slow down and savor every joke.

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