Golden Globes, Jeff Sessions’ record in Alabama, and Obama’s misplaced faith, in Slate’s daily newsletter.

The Golden Globes, Jeff Sessions’ Alabama Record, and Obama’s Trust in America

The Golden Globes, Jeff Sessions’ Alabama Record, and Obama’s Trust in America

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Jan. 9 2017 6:11 PM

The Angle: Obama’s Misplaced Faith Edition

Slate’s daily newsletter on the Golden Globes, Jeff Sessions in Alabama, and the outgoing president’s trust in America.

Barack Obama sits for his interview with Vox at the Blair House on Friday in Washington.

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Painful irony: During the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama cemented his chances of becoming president with his measured response to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s damning sermon about America's sins. Obama should have taken a little more of Wright’s argument to heart, Jamelle Bouie writes. Now, his faith in America is going to cost him.

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Rebecca Onion is a Slate staff writer and the author of Innocent Experiments.

Track record: What was Jeff Sessions like during his time as attorney general of Alabama? Terrible, Elizabeth Wydra writes. The man seems to have found it impossible to stand up to an ally, even when he really needed to enforce ethical or constitutional standards.


Mood swings: Were Sunday night’s Golden Globes “political”? The tone of the show oscillated back and forth, Willa Paskin writes, from Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump speech to La La Land’s entirely predictable win. Meanwhile, Heather Schwedel begs awards show producers to leave Sofia Vergara alone from now on, and Marissa Martinelli hails a wonderfully bittersweet clip featuring Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig.

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