Can Kerry get to Washington (D.C.) without winning Washington (state)?
Can Kerry get to Washington (D.C.) without winning Washington (state)?
A guide to the swing states.
Aug. 24 2004 4:36 PM


It does mean a thing, though it ain't got that swing.

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Correction, Aug. 24: This article originally conflated Dino Rossi with his likely Democratic opponent, Christine Gregoire, who was the lead attorney for the state's tobacco settlement. (Return to the corrected sentence.) The article also misstated the number of congressional seats held by Democrats. That number is six, not seven. (Return to corrected sentence.) This piece also said Dukakis won nine states, he actually won 10. (Return to the corrected sentence.)

Chris Suellentrop is a video game critic and a contributor to the New York Times

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