Supreme Court Dispatches
Supreme Court Dispatches

The Supreme Court Debates Juror Bias

And Samuel Alito complains about oversensitive PC college students.

June 27 2016 2:19 PMThe Ideal AlliesAbortion was saved with a dry, wonky, emotionless opinion from a man. Which is kind of perfect.
April 20 2016 5:50 PMBlood Tests and Bad LawyeringThe Supreme Court finds unity in the face of bumbling attorneys and a tough Fourth Amendment case.
March 28 2016 6:17 PMSamuel Alito’s Sixth Amendment DenialismThe Supreme Court justice only accepts the reality of American legal history when it aligns with his judicial ideology.
March 22 2016 11:36 AMBlocked VotingWas Virginia’s clearly racist gerrymandering unconstitutional?
Feb. 29 2016 6:22 PMWelcome to the Show, Clarence ThomasWith Scalia absent and gun rights on the line, the famously quiet justice finally spoke up. It’s just what the court needed.
Feb. 23 2016 7:30 AMThe First Day of the New Supreme CourtWithout Antonin Scalia on the bench, the court’s liberals spoke up and won out.
Jan. 14 2016 1:05 PMSecond-Class SovereigntyThe Supreme Court grapples with America’s biggest colonial hangover: The legal status of Puerto Rico.
Dec. 8 2015 7:41 PMWhat Exactly Does “One Person, One Vote” Mean, Anyway? The Supreme Court justices turn a simple question into something more complicated.
Nov. 11 2015 1:00 PMWhen Can the Government Freeze Your Assets?On bank robbers, rent, and partying with Justice Samuel Alito.
Nov. 2 2015 5:48 PMRacism Highlighted in a Green MarkerThe justices seem appalled by a Georgia death penalty case.
Oct. 13 2015 7:46 PMIs Life Retroactive? He was sentenced to life without parole at 17. Fifty years later, the Supreme Court weighs setting him free.
April 30 2015 5:48 PMA Horrifying Day at CourtDeath brings out the worst in the justices.
April 27 2015 7:08 PMA Free Kick InHow does the Constitution protect innocent people who are stuck in jail?
March 23 2015 5:24 PMLost CauseDo devotees of the Confederacy have a First Amendment right to put the rebel battle flag on their license plates?
March 3 2015 12:21 PMPower to the PartisansThe Supreme Court’s conservatives think democracy is overrated.
April 27 2016 6:13 PMThe “Everybody Does It” DefenseThe Supreme Court might let Bob McDonnell off the hook because it can’t even define political corruption anymore.
April 18 2016 6:54 PMThe Supreme Court Is All Tied UpA bitter, partisan 4-4 ruling is in the cards over immigration, showing just how broken the system is.
March 23 2016 7:36 PMThe Birth Control HijackThe Supreme Court’s conservatives think the Affordable Care Act is hijacking insurance plans to provide contraception.
March 2 2016 6:20 PMThe Women Take OverIn oral arguments for the Texas abortion case, the three female justices upend the Supreme Court’s balance of power.
Feb. 29 2016 5:26 PMGone but Not ForgottenThe remaining Supreme Court justices are dealing with Antonin Scalia’s death in surprising and dramatic ways.
Jan. 19 2016 6:11 PMDoes the First Amendment Protect What Looks Like Political Speech?The Supreme Court is head-scratchy.
Dec. 9 2015 5:10 PMSesame Street Meets Groundhog DayThe Supreme Court considers affirmative action at the University of Texas—again.
Dec. 1 2015 11:23 AMHow Long Must an Employee Endure Discrimination?Chief Justice John Roberts is a surprise working-class hero.
Nov. 3 2015 5:38 PMScalia Sticks Up for a Child Pornography ConvictNino still has a few surprises left in him.
Oct. 14 2015 2:12 PMFlorida Judges Can Kill YouThe state’s perverse death sentencing system is surely unconstitutional—right? 
Oct. 8 2015 11:00 AMThe Justices Are Irked With One Another Over the Death PenaltyTwo cases from Kansas bring out their irritation.
April 28 2015 6:16 PMAn Argument for DignityJustice Anthony Kennedy seems to see a nobility of purpose in gay marriage.
March 31 2015 1:54 PMKilling TimeWill the Supreme Court let Louisiana execute a man who says he’s intellectually disabled?
March 4 2015 7:29 PMHigh Drama for Obamacare at the High CourtScalia and Kagan are feisty; Kennedy gives hope to people who care about affordable care.
Jan. 22 2015 11:25 AMScalia to the Rescue?The Fair Housing Act might just find redemption from the unlikeliest justice.