Supreme Court Dispatches
Supreme Court Dispatches
Dec. 6 2005 6:07 PMLaw Schools Against Free SpeechThe Supreme Court considers military recruitment on campus.
Nov. 9 2005 6:19 PMRamps in the Big HouseThe Supreme Court contemplates disability rights for prisoners.
Oct. 12 2005 3:24 PMWhistle BlowhardsThe Supreme Court probes whether whistle-blowers are heroes or nuisances.
Oct. 3 2005 3:31 PMThe New KidJohn Roberts' first day at school.
March 28 2005 5:54 PMYou Picked a Fine Time To Leave MePresident Bush ditches Texas in front of the Supreme Court.
Feb. 22 2005 6:57 PMCondemn-NationThis land was your land, but now it's my land.
Jan. 11 2005 6:48 PMGet Smart!The Supreme Court asks whether the CIA can stiff its aging spies.
Nov. 30 2004 6:35 PMMan, I Throw Like a WomanThe Supreme Court explores the subtleties of sex and basketball.
Nov. 10 2004 7:00 PMThe Truth About Cats and DogsBark if you love Justice Souter!
Oct. 13 2004 6:32 PMThe Young and the RecklessThe Supreme Court contemplates executing juveniles.
April 28 2004 7:22 PMCruel DetentionsThe Supreme Court considers whether the president can throw away the key.
April 20 2004 7:03 PMThe Prisoners' DilemmaThe Gitmo detainees get their day in court. Sort of.
March 29 2004 5:45 PMWhere the Wild Things AreThe Supreme Court considers our wide open spaces.
March 22 2004 6:03 PMHiibel ThumpersThe Supreme Court is suspicious.
Jan. 13 2004 7:46 PMOff-RampCrawling up stairs at a courthouse near you.
Nov. 30 2005 7:15 PMNibbling Away at Roe v. WadeFor the Supreme Court, Ayotte is an hors d'oeuvre.
Nov. 8 2005 6:28 PMStay Out of My Sock DrawerThe Supreme Court asks if a wife can let the police look for her husband's drugs.
Oct. 5 2005 5:51 PMThey're Dying in OregonShould the Supreme Court save them?
March 29 2005 5:15 PMGrok Around the ClockShare those MP3s now—the Supreme Court may try to stop you soon.
March 2 2005 8:03 PMTake Two TabletsThe Supreme Court picks through the rubble of its Ten Commandments jurisprudence.
Jan. 18 2005 6:44 PMTo Die For?Dying for the lack of a good lawyer.
Dec. 7 2004 5:37 PMIn Vino GravitasThe Supreme Court has a sobering look at interstate wines.
Nov. 29 2004 6:49 PMDude, Where's My Integrity?Medical marijuana tests the Supreme Court's true love of federalism.
Nov. 9 2004 6:52 PMBootleg, Eh?The ineffable, unknowable mystery of the Canadian tax code.
Oct. 4 2004 8:03 PMBatman and the Penguin Eat BlakelyThe Supreme Court term opens with strange bedfellows.
April 27 2004 7:18 PMI've Got a SecretDick Cheney's absolute right to know and not tell.
April 19 2004 7:01 PMDeath Penalty: The MovieThe Supreme Court finds its happy ending.
March 24 2004 6:53 PMOne Nation, Under Hallmark, IndivisibleIs the God of the Pledge of Allegiance a deity or a greeting card?
Jan. 21 2004 6:46 PMWise CouncilThe Supreme Court ponders the usefulness of lawyers.
Dec. 3 2003 6:21 PMThe Wing Nut's RevengeA conspiracy theorist has his day in court.