Supreme Court Dispatches
Supreme Court Dispatches
Oct. 6 2009 8:00 PMThis Case Is a DogThe Supreme Court mauls the law banning animal-cruelty videos.
April 29 2009 8:06 PMHow Can Rights Feel So Wrong?The Supreme Court takes aim at the Voting Rights Act.
March 24 2009 7:23 PMThe Supreme Court Reviews Hillary: The MoviePrediction: 10 thumbs-ups, 8 thumbs-downs.
Feb. 24 2009 6:43 PMSuperfun!!!Toxic sludge oozes at the Supreme Court.
Dec. 2 2008 6:51 PMThe Wheels on the BusThe Supreme Court tries to imagine its way out of a sex discrimination case.
Nov. 4 2008 6:51 PMShit Doesn't HappenThe Supreme Court's 100 percent dirt-free exploration of potty words.
Oct. 6 2008 6:34 PMSmoke RingsHow to fight big tobacco without ever talking about the health risks of smoking.
March 25 2008 7:23 PMJail of Two CitiesThe Supreme Court gives the right to habeas corpus a swirly.
Feb. 27 2008 7:07 PMOil and WaterThe Exxon Valdez case runs aground at the Supreme Court.
Jan. 9 2008 8:03 PMGrandma Got CardedThe Supreme Court looks closely at Indiana’s voter-ID law.
Dec. 5 2007 8:30 PMIt Was the Best of Habeas, It Was the Worst of HabeasThe Supreme Court gets a reality check in the Guantanamo cases.
Oct. 30 2007 6:36 PMChildren of the PornThe Supreme Court contemplates lying about porn in the real world.
Oct. 2 2007 6:38 PMRun-On SentencingThe Supreme Court takes another crack at the sentencing mess.
April 25 2007 7:11 PMDead Duck WalkingThe Supreme Court takes on those nasty campaign commercials.
Feb. 28 2007 5:33 PMBagel BreakfastThe Supreme Court looks at the president's faith-based community programs.
Sept. 9 2009 7:42 PMUnprecedentedWatching the Supreme Court make its campaign finance jurisprudence disappear.
April 21 2009 7:49 PMSearch MeThe Supreme Court is neither hot nor bothered by strip searches.
March 3 2009 8:31 PMCash BarThe Supreme Court ponders when your right to a fair trial collides with their right to be divine.
Dec. 10 2008 7:12 PMThe Attorney General Is a Very Busy ManThe Supreme Court seems to think that also makes him immune from litigation.
Nov. 12 2008 7:40 PMEverything VibratesThe Supreme Court grapples with the primordial ooze of the Summum case.
Nov. 3 2008 7:57 PMLabel ConsciousThe Supreme Court gets positively passionate about pre-emption.
April 16 2008 6:53 PMThe Capital GangThe Supreme Court jump-starts the machinery of death.
March 18 2008 7:31 PMBearing Arms … Against BearsJustice Kennedy thinks D.C. residents need protection—from grizzlies.
Feb. 19 2008 6:12 PMGrumpy Young MenThe Supreme Court squints at America's elderly federal employees.
Jan. 7 2008 7:44 PMKilling Me SoftlyThe Supreme Court ponders whether to pull the plug on lethal injection.
Dec. 4 2007 7:12 PMRace to the BottomThe Supreme Court takes on the O.J.-obsessed prosecutor.
Oct. 10 2007 7:57 PMTexas Holds HimLeave it to Texas to put a stop to executive overreaching.
Oct. 1 2007 6:52 PMIn the BedroomA first Monday heavy with rumor and gossip.
March 19 2007 7:24 PMBong Hits 4 JesusBecause you just can't improve on "Bong hits 4 Jesus."
Jan. 17 2007 6:58 PMTexas Side-StepHave the Supreme Court's opinions become suggestions in Texas?