Supreme Court Dispatches
Supreme Court Dispatches
Jan. 10 2012 9:35 PMIfs, Ands, and ButtsThe Supreme Court gets the full-monty treatment.
Nov. 8 2011 5:29 PMWhich Way Privacy?The Supreme Court asks whether the government can put a GPS device on your car without a warrant.
Nov. 2 2011 6:59 PMSee No EvilEyewitness testimony may be unreliable, but the Supreme Court doesn’t want to be the one to say so.
Oct. 4 2011 6:44 PMDead Letter OfficeThe case that has even Antonin Scalia wondering what to do about incompetent lawyers in death penalty cases.
March 2 2011 7:18 PMAl-Kidding AsideThe Supreme Court's collective yawn at the case of a U.S. citizen's detention and mistreatment after Sept. 11.
Feb. 22 2011 6:34 PMThe Case of the Poisoned LoverThe Supreme Court gets its sexiest case ever, but all it wants to talk about is standing.
Jan. 18 2011 6:25 PM"Go, Leave, Get Outta Here"The Supreme Court wants nothing to do with the state secrets privilege, or the litigants who squabble about them.
Dec. 8 2010 7:12 PMLAWA LandThe Supreme Court hears about Arizona's other controversial immigration law.
Nov. 9 2010 6:54 PMCan You Hear Them Now?The Supreme Court reads the fine print on your cell phone contract.
Nov. 2 2010 7:48 PMSimulated OriginalismJames Madison, meet Postal 2.
April 28 2010 7:23 PMWhat's Your Sign?A Supreme Court case that puts Scalia and gay rights advocates on the same side.
April 19 2010 7:41 PMHug of WarThe Supreme Court considers the risks and rewards of forced association
Jan. 21 2010 2:15 PMThe Pinocchio ProjectWatching as the Supreme Court turns a corporation into a real live boy.
Jan. 12 2010 5:57 PMAll in the FamilyThe Supreme Court plays nice over international child custody.
Nov. 9 2009 8:04 PMMy So-Called Life Without ParoleThe Supreme Court looks at life sentences for teen offenders.
Jan. 9 2012 7:41 PMMess With TexasThe Supreme Court wrangles a runaway Texas redistricting case.
Nov. 7 2011 6:44 PMPassport OriginalismHow the status of Jerusalem got dragged into a critical Supreme Court case about separation of powers.
Oct. 5 2011 8:12 PMMinisters of JusticeThe Supreme Court asks which is more important: preventing discrimination or protecting religion?
March 28 2011 7:06 PMFree Speech for Really Rich GuysThe Supreme Court finds a cause worth fighting for.
March 1 2011 6:45 PMHe'll Be Here All WeekThe verdict is in: Chief Justice John Roberts is hilarious.
Jan. 19 2011 6:57 PMReach Out and Touch SomeoneFCC v. AT&T reveals the limits of corporate personhood at the Supreme Court.
Jan. 12 2011 7:00 PMCrime and BlandishmentsWhat happens when Supreme Court justices try to think like criminal suspects.
Dec. 7 2010 7:21 PMSix Degrees of RetaliationThe Supreme Court tries to determine if your fiance can be fired for your sex-discrimination complaint.
Nov. 3 2010 7:08 PMStanding DownThe Supreme Court wonders whether your non-money can fund non-religion.
Oct. 6 2010 7:10 PMUp in Their GrillThe Westboro Baptist Church politely shows the court how to be obnoxious.
April 26 2010 6:43 PMJustice by the HourThe Supreme Court tangles with mandatory arbitration clauses.
March 23 2010 6:36 PM5-3=3A case tests the arithmetical skills of the Supreme Court justices.
Jan. 13 2010 6:17 PMThey Are So Not Ready for Some FootballThe Supreme Court justices prove they know nothing whatsoever about the NFL.
Dec. 2 2009 7:52 PMSpring Break, Scalia-StyleThe best Supreme Court case ever about partying on the beach.
Nov. 4 2009 7:17 PMThe Framers on the FramersDoes the Constitution protect prosecutors who fabricate evidence?