Supreme Court Dispatches
Supreme Court Dispatches
Dec. 7 2010 7:21 PMSix Degrees of RetaliationThe Supreme Court tries to determine if your fiance can be fired for your sex-discrimination complaint.
Nov. 3 2010 7:08 PMStanding DownThe Supreme Court wonders whether your non-money can fund non-religion.
Oct. 6 2010 7:10 PMUp in Their GrillThe Westboro Baptist Church politely shows the court how to be obnoxious.
April 26 2010 6:43 PMJustice by the HourThe Supreme Court tangles with mandatory arbitration clauses.
March 23 2010 6:36 PM5-3=3A case tests the arithmetical skills of the Supreme Court justices.
Jan. 13 2010 6:17 PMThey Are So Not Ready for Some FootballThe Supreme Court justices prove they know nothing whatsoever about the NFL.
Dec. 2 2009 7:52 PMSpring Break, Scalia-StyleThe best Supreme Court case ever about partying on the beach.
Nov. 4 2009 7:17 PMThe Framers on the FramersDoes the Constitution protect prosecutors who fabricate evidence?
Oct. 7 2009 7:14 PMCross-EyedThe high court looks again at religious symbols on public lands.
Sept. 9 2009 7:42 PMUnprecedentedWatching the Supreme Court make its campaign finance jurisprudence disappear.
April 21 2009 7:49 PMSearch MeThe Supreme Court is neither hot nor bothered by strip searches.
March 3 2009 8:31 PMCash BarThe Supreme Court ponders when your right to a fair trial collides with their right to be divine.
Dec. 10 2008 7:12 PMThe Attorney General Is a Very Busy ManThe Supreme Court seems to think that also makes him immune from litigation.
Nov. 12 2008 7:40 PMEverything VibratesThe Supreme Court grapples with the primordial ooze of the Summum case.
Nov. 3 2008 7:57 PMLabel ConsciousThe Supreme Court gets positively passionate about pre-emption.
Nov. 9 2010 6:54 PMCan You Hear Them Now?The Supreme Court reads the fine print on your cell phone contract.
Nov. 2 2010 7:48 PMSimulated OriginalismJames Madison, meet Postal 2.
April 28 2010 7:23 PMWhat's Your Sign?A Supreme Court case that puts Scalia and gay rights advocates on the same side.
April 19 2010 7:41 PMHug of WarThe Supreme Court considers the risks and rewards of forced association
Jan. 21 2010 2:15 PMThe Pinocchio ProjectWatching as the Supreme Court turns a corporation into a real live boy.
Jan. 12 2010 5:57 PMAll in the FamilyThe Supreme Court plays nice over international child custody.
Nov. 9 2009 8:04 PMMy So-Called Life Without ParoleThe Supreme Court looks at life sentences for teen offenders.
Oct. 14 2009 7:49 PMThe $5 Million ManPaul Clement schools the high court on why some attorneys are worth every last penny.
Oct. 6 2009 8:00 PMThis Case Is a DogThe Supreme Court mauls the law banning animal-cruelty videos.
April 29 2009 8:06 PMHow Can Rights Feel So Wrong?The Supreme Court takes aim at the Voting Rights Act.
March 24 2009 7:23 PMThe Supreme Court Reviews Hillary: The MoviePrediction: 10 thumbs-ups, 8 thumbs-downs.
Feb. 24 2009 6:43 PMSuperfun!!!Toxic sludge oozes at the Supreme Court.
Dec. 2 2008 6:51 PMThe Wheels on the BusThe Supreme Court tries to imagine its way out of a sex discrimination case.
Nov. 4 2008 6:51 PMShit Doesn't HappenThe Supreme Court's 100 percent dirt-free exploration of potty words.
Oct. 6 2008 6:34 PMSmoke RingsHow to fight big tobacco without ever talking about the health risks of smoking.